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Tiny single-board BeagleBone computer arrives at $45

There's a new low-cost single-board computer on the block designed to give the million-selling Raspberry Pi a run for its money. It's called the BeagleBoard Black.

Debate rages over contentious Internet sales tax proposal

As a proposed Internet sales tax bill rushes through the Senate, opponents argue caution.

stop cispa

CISPA protesters rally, but this Internet blackout may fizzle

Without the endorsement of the big technology firms that helped with the SOPA boycott last year, protests against CISPA aren't drawing the same support or attention.

Yahoo CEO reaffirms decision to prohibit telecommuting

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer defended her decision this week at a Great Place to Work conference, but Earth Day facts don't back her rationale.

New Perk browser lets you rack up reward points for surfing

About 2000 merchants participate in the Perk rewards program, but the browser is a bit pushy.

Failed authentication frequently thwarts online shoppers

About half of online shoppers are "very frequently" or "frequently" prevented from buying online good and services because they can't get their credentials to work at business websites, a study released Wednesday finds.


chromebook chrome

Chromebooks may be doing better than numbers suggest

Web usage for Google's Chromebooks may be weak, but shipments remain strong.

AT&T opens Galaxy S4 pre-orders, phones start shipping April 30

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 phone finally has a launch date: April 30 on AT&T, with other carriers expected to follow suit soon after.


Money can't buy privacy in Google Play store, study shows

Both paid and free apps in the Google Play store harvest the same amount of private information from Android phones, a security researcher has discovered.


Rockmelt shifts focus, tests a PC interface to the digital life

The maker of a social browser maker is changing its focus to provide a Web interface with many social aspects and a way to organize what users see and do online from their desktops.

aircraft hacking app

FAA says Hijack-a-jet app works only on simulator

A German programmer has demonstrated on a simulator an exploit that he says can take control of an aircraft's navigational system, but the Federal Aviation Administration says the exploit won't work on a real jet.

Lawsuit could put kink in Microsoft's push for cloud security

A patent lawsuit filed by New Jersey-based StrikeForce challenges two-factor authentication technology used by PhoneFactor, a company acquired by Microsoft last October.

End of free TV as you know it may be on the horizon

New York networks threaten to stop broadcasts if streaming service Aereo isn't shut down.


Aereo's plans to expand TV streaming service unfazed by conflicting federal court rulings

Federal judges on two coasts disagree on legality of streaming of live broadcast TV on Internet.



U.S. business SEC filings suggest cyber threats may be overstated

Many large companies report to the SEC that Internet intruders cause little damage to their operations.