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ICANN 'coalition' created to tackle concerns about the future of the Internet

ICANN has set up a panel, consisting of people in government, civil society, the private sector, the technical community and international organizations, to address concerns about the governance of the Internet.

FCC app lets consumers check how mobile broadband providers stack up

The mobile app will help users measure the broadband speed they get, providing aggregate data to FCC.

CIA collecting in bulk data on international money transfers, say reports

In addition to data on international money transfers, the agency also gathers Social Security numbers and other data.

At Senate hearing, Google warns of 'splinternet' but NSA does not budge

NSA warns that if Internet companies provide numbers of surveillance orders, it would alert adversaries on which services to avoid.

Legal ruling

DOJ says Lavabit cannot prevent search warrants by 'locking its front gate'

Snowden's email of choice may be capitulated.

Tech firms furious after denied full view of government reply to FISA court

They are objecting to the government's decision to provide them only a redacted version of its response to the FISA Court to a request by the companies that they be allowed to publish information on users' data requests from the government.

Google app translation service now available to Android devs

Google has made its app translation service available to all Android developers to enable them to offer their apps in different languages.

Judge considers sanctions against Samsung, lawyers in dispute with Apple

California court may penalize Samsung for leaks.

Jail, prison, arrested

DOJ cracks down on new Silk Road, arrests arms vendor

Authorities arrest one person for alleged illegal weapons sales on the "Black Market Reloaded."

Silk Road drug marketplace rises from the grave after legal smackdown

The Silk Road online marketplace has resurfaced.

Legal ruling

EMC sues startup for stealing trade secrets through staff hires

EMC has sued Pure Storage for allegedly colluding with some of the storage giant's former employees to misappropriate and bring to the startup confidential EMC information and trade secrets, including lists and notes on current and potential customers.

Windows Azure users can use hard drives to import and export data

Microsoft offers Azure customers ability to transfer their data offline to and from Azure storage accounts using hard disk drives.

Google introduces Helpouts to connect experts with advice-seekers via video

Google has launched a new tool that connects people with experts over live interactive video for free or paid advice, while adding a revenue stream for the company in the form of transaction fees from providers.

Linux 4.0 may have only bug fixes, no new features

Linux creator Linus Torvalds has proposed that Linux 4.0 should be dedicated to stability and bug fixing.

Tech industry calls for 'oversight and accountability' of NSA surveillance

Internet companies in the U.S. are demanding that the surveillance practices of the U.S. should be reformed to enhance privacy protections and provide "appropriate oversight and accountability mechanisms."