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UN panel passes draft resolution on privacy threats in the digital age

A response to NSA surveillance, the UN panel's resolution aims to protect human rights, including the right to privacy, in a digital age.

Judge refuses to stay Apple-Samsung lawsuit pending patent review

Samsung wanted the court to stay a damages retrial pending reexamination of an Apple patent, but a judge said no.

Apple acquires 3-D sensing technology company PrimeSense

Apple did not disclose how it would use the PrimeSense technology, which was used to power the Kinect motion sensing device in the original Xbox.

Nokia runs into hurdles over transfer of India factory to Microsoft

Nokia has asked a court in Delhi to revoke a freeze on its factory in India over a tax dispute, ahead of the proposed acquisition by Microsoft of its handset business.

Carriers say smartphone 'kill switch' would be a juicy target for hackers

Mobile carriers are opposed to the plan for a smartphone 'kill switch' that would render smartphones inoperable after they are stolen, claiming that it could be misused by hackers to block critical services.

Apple opposes Samsung's plea to stay damages retrial

Apple has contested Samsung Electronics' plea for a stay in the damages retrial currently in a federal court in California, stating that the reexamination proceedings by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of an important patent in the lawsuit "are not final."

U.S. senators challenge NSA claim that dragnet surveillance is required

Three prominent U.S. senators have questioned, in a court filing, the NSA claim that its bulk collection of phone records is required for intelligence purposes.

Wikipedia asks editing services firm to stop changes to Wikipedia

Wikimedia Foundation has asked editing services firm Wiki-PR to cease and desist editing Wikipedia for pay and passing articles off as unbiased.


US agencies see some benefits in virtual currencies

Justice Department officials say virtual currencies like Bitcoin may "have the potential to promote more efficient global commerce" but still associate it with illegal activities.

ICANN 'coalition' created to tackle concerns about the future of the Internet

ICANN has set up a panel, consisting of people in government, civil society, the private sector, the technical community and international organizations, to address concerns about the governance of the Internet.

FCC app lets consumers check how mobile broadband providers stack up

The mobile app will help users measure the broadband speed they get, providing aggregate data to FCC.

CIA collecting in bulk data on international money transfers, say reports

In addition to data on international money transfers, the agency also gathers Social Security numbers and other data.

At Senate hearing, Google warns of 'splinternet' but NSA does not budge

NSA warns that if Internet companies provide numbers of surveillance orders, it would alert adversaries on which services to avoid.

Legal ruling

DOJ says Lavabit cannot prevent search warrants by 'locking its front gate'

Snowden's email of choice may be capitulated.

Tech firms furious after denied full view of government reply to FISA court

They are objecting to the government's decision to provide them only a redacted version of its response to the FISA Court to a request by the companies that they be allowed to publish information on users' data requests from the government.