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Top 10 Telecom Contract Mistakes

When it comes to telecom negotiations, most telecom managers have a difficult time. I see far too many contracts riddled with unacceptable clauses and...

Mobile Device Management in an Age of Paranoia

Smartphones don't look particularly dangerous. But in the wrong hands, they can cause serious damage to a company's finances, reputation, and even long-term survivability.

Time for Your Company to Consider Cable?

Cable companies are waking up to the opportunity to serve small to midsize businesses. Cox, for one, serves a mixture of VoIP, ethernet, and other services.

How the FCC Can Ensure Net Neutrality

Analysis: Does Comcast's court win kill network neutrality? Hardly, and here's why.

The Downside of Net Neutrality Law

Analysis: A rush to legislation risks the neutrality of access that everyone's so eager to preserve.

Will the Internet Implode?

Analysis: As our virtual lives expand, it's fair to worry whether the Internet structure can keep up.

Throwing Money at Universal Broadband Isn't Enough

Despite a House bill that proposes an investment of roughly $6 billion and a Senate bill for $8 billion, universal broadband faces many roadblocks.

Communications Change We Can Believe In?

Love him or hate him, you've got to respect a guy who won't give up his BlackBerry.

What's an ISP? (That's Not a Trick Question)

President-elect Barack Obama considers Internet infrastructure to be key. But how we define an ISP could have far-reaching consequences.

Think Millennials will Change the Workplace? Ha.

Analysis: Pundits insist young workers today are fundamentally different because they grew up texting. Think again.