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Microsoft's 5 Biggest Weaknesses

Microsoft's position as the dominant provider of software to consumers is at risk. Here are five reasons why.

On Linux's 20th Anniversary, Recounting Past Slights From Microsoft

On the 20th anniversary of Linux, the free operating system's biggest proponents threw a party to celebrate its success and scoff at attacks.

Chromebooks Now do Windows

Cisco's Citrix Receiver brings Windows desktops and apps to Chrome OS laptops.

The Epic Unpopularity of Windows Smartphones

A smartphone platform you may never have heard of is more popular than Windows Phone 7.

VMware Backpedals on Price Changes After Customer Criticism

VMware has boosted limits on virtual RAM so high that most customers should not be negatively affected.

Adobe Software Breaks Down on Mac OS X Lion

Analysis: More than a dozen Adobe products are not working properly on Mac OS X Lion, Apple's new desktop operating system.

Google Founders Had to Be Talked Out of Ignoring User Email

In Google's early days, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin argued that answering email complaints would be a waste of time.

Microsoft Drops Patch Support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Microsoft dropped support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 this week.

Microsoft Previews Windows 8, Bashes Competition

Microsoft's annual partner conference last week featured previews of the Windows 8 server and desktop operating systems, talk of integration between Skype and Lync, and a barrage of insults aimed at the company's competitors.

Microsoft: Buy Windows 7 Today, Keep Same PC for Windows 8 Upgrade

Windows 8 could be released next year, so Microsoft argues that users should upgrade now and use the same PC to run Windows 8 later.

Microsoft Plans Big Skype/Lync Integration

Skype will be thoroughly integrated with Microsoft's Lync communications software, pending regulatory approval.

Ballmer's New Chant: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Microsoft is no longer the biggest tech company, but it makes its case to partners with big sales numbers.

The Microsoft/Android War: Which Patents Are at Stake?

Microsoft patents are detailed in legal documents filed against Motorola and Barnes & Noble.

Microsoft, Citrix Join VMware at Top of Gartner's Magic Quadrant

It's getting harder for VMware to argue that it's the only game in town for big-time virtualization projects.

Office 365 Apps for iPhone and Android Not Coming Soon

Microsoft launched Office 365 to the world this week, but the company's cloud product development is by no means complete.