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Windows at 25: A Visual History

Two and a half decades on, Windows has come a long way since its 1985 debut. Where will it go next?

Supercomputing Fest Will Spotlight World's Fastest Computers, High-Performance Issues

One of the most fascinating and highly technical conferences in the IT industry will take place next week in New Orleans, when SC10 kicks off with seven days of big computers.

Google Offers Free In-flight Wi-Fi Until January

Google has partnered with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to offer free in-flight Wi-Fi service on all domestic flights during the upcoming holiday season.

IE9 Tops Chrome, Firefox in HTML5 Compatibility

World Wide Web Consortium tests give Internet Explorer 9 the lead over Google Chrome and Firefox in HTML5 compatibility.

Internet cloud

Microsoft Puts Windows Server Instances in the Cloud

Microsoft bolstered Windows Azure with several new capabilities today, including the ability to run Windows Server instances on Azure, theoretically making...

How Can You Mitigate Security Risks in Virtualized Systems?

Virtualization poses storage, virtual machine sprawl and security challenges.

How Can Virtual Machine Sprawl Be Prevented?

Server virtualization poses storage, virtual machine sprawl and security challenges.

25 New IT Companies to Watch

The next generation of IT vendors has arrived on the scene. Driven by a tentative economic recovery that is seeing venture capitalists release a few more dollars...

Android Security Better, But Stil Lags iPhone, BlackBerry

Analysis: To get down to business, Google needs to improve its smartphone operating system's security beyond that of Android 2.2.


Microsoft Takes Aim at Google Apps With Office 365

Microsoft ups its cloud game, but stops short of going all-in.

Google Keeps Growing While Facebook, Bing Plot

Google steadily boosts its share of the search market as Yahoo falters and Bing seeks other partners.

Microsoft: Virtualization Software Will Boost Windows 7 Upgrades

Microsoft's updated desktop virtualization package will help enterprises migrate to Windows 7 by allowing compatibility with legacy applications.

World's Wackiest Researchers Honored

Fruit bat sex, whale snot and oil spills highlight 2010 Ig Nobel award-winners.

Zoho Brings Business Apps to Gmail

Zoho has latched on to Google, one of its bigger rivals, by allowing CRM and other Zoho business tools to display data in Gmail messages.

Google Is World's Most Attractive Employer; Microsoft Drops

Survey of 130,000 career seekers taps Google as world's most attractive employer.