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Yammer Creates Facebook Clone for Businesses

Yammer is relaunching with a new platform that looks almost exactly like Facebook.

IE9 Now Won't Require Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft quietly shifts its system requirements for upgrades to the newest version of Internet Explorer.

Google Tries to Fix Microsoft's Internet Explorer With Chrome Frame

Google Chrome Frame speeds up Internet Explorer with HTML5 and JavaScript.

Will Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Finally Kill IE6?

IE6 usage is dropping, but some businesses won't give up ancient browser.

College Bans Facebook, Twitter

Harrisburg University blocks social media for a week in social media experiment.

Windows and Linux Servers Grow at Unix's Expense

Demand for Windows and Linux servers is increasing at a rapid pace, at the expense of Unix servers and other non-x86 machines, according to IDC.

Microsoft: 'We Love Open Source'

Steve Ballmer used to call Linux a cancer. Now Microsoft insists it loves open source.

Facebook 'Places' Not Every Place

Users from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., are complaining that they can't access Facebook's new location-based service.

Google Wave Code Could Live on in Future Open Source Projects

Google's failed collaboration tool attracted a small group of dedicated followers who hope it will live on in some way.

Android 2.2 on Motorola Droid: First impressions of Froyo

Fellow Android nerds, I have seen the Froyo and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do