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Amazon and IBM Are the 'Cloud Champions,' Report Says

Amazon and IBM are the "cloud champions" but Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Red Hat and VMware and right behind them.

VMware Says: Windows Still Matters--Sort of

VMware claims the importance of Windows is diminishing because of virtualization and other new technologies.

VMware Halves Price of Starter Virtualization Kit

VMware has cut in half the price of a virtualization software package geared toward small and midsize businesses.

5 Tips for Managing Microsoft Licensing Costs

Don't overpay for Microsoft software licenses. These tips can help.

Why Microsoft Should Thank Apple for Windows 7's Success

Analysis: Developers are fascinated by Windows 7 touch and multitouch technology, survey finds.


Microsoft IE Gains Browser Market Share (This Is Not a Typo)

After a long freefall, Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has reversed a small portion of its worldwide market share losses.

Only Microsoft and Red Hat Have All the Pieces to Build Clouds, Red Hat Says

Red Hat claims only itself and Microsoft have every piece of software required to build an entire cloud, and allow workloads to move from one cloud to another.

8 Amazing Things You'll Do With Windows 8

Windows 8 will power Apple iPad-like tablets, and many other cool tools. Here's a sneak peek at upcoming features.

Google's Chrome OS Creator Jumps Ship for Facebook

Google's Matthew Papakipos, the engineering director who started and led the project to create the Chrome operating system, has been hired away by Facebook and shared the news via Twitter.

Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 on Collision Course

Microsoft's Windows Azure and Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud tackle are destined to emulate each other over time, Microsoft cloud official Tim O'Brien says.

Amazon EC2 Creator Launches Private Cloud Start-up

With backing from VMware, the man behind Amazon EC2 builds private cloud software.

Visual Tour: Visiting The Googleplex

Life at Google: beach volleyball, T-Rex, motorcycles and nap times.

Meet the Father of Google Apps (Who Used to Work at Microsoft)

The Google executive most responsible for creating Google Apps talks about bringing Gmail into the enterprise.

Facebook, Stop What You're Doing: Amazon Has Patent for 'Social Network'

Amazon has secured a patent for a "social networking system" that would seem to accomplish the exact same tasks already performed by the likes of Facebook.

Amazon EC2 Creators to Launch Cloud Computing Start-up

A new cloud computing start-up aims to unveil "next generation network virtualization for the datacenter."