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Microsoft's Office 365 Launch Puts Google on Defensive

Microsoft's launch of Office 365 has Google feeling pressure to explain why businesses should use Gmail and Google Docs.

Want to Stop Cybercrime? Follow the Money

A cybersecurity researcher explains how the key to stopping computer criminals is in the economics of cybercrime.

Research Tackles Powering the Virtual Data Center

Virtualization makes power management more complicated, but one researcher says he has the solution.


3 Tips for Migrating Applications to Windows 7

Despite years of experience selling to businesses, Microsoft hasn't eliminated the application compatibility problem.

Who Needs a Cloud? Microsoft Sold 31 Million Copies of Office 2010

Microsoft is lording it over its cloud computing competitors with big sales of Office 2010.

Data Center Startups Emerging to Solve Virtualization and Cloud Problems

A host of new data center startups are coming on the scene to help IT shops handle the challenges posed by virtualized infrastructures and cloud computing.

Office 365 Launches in June, Ballmer Says

Microsoft's CEO spills an ETA for the cloud-based productivity suite.