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Microsoft App Cuts PC Energy Use

A "sleep proxy" that lowers energy drain when PCs are idle has proved a savings at Microsoft's headquarters.

IBM Analysis of Amazon Finds Cloud Support Forums Lacking

Amazon support forum administrators usually respond to posts within 10 or 12 hours, but problem resolution often takes days, new analysis finds.

IBM's Lotus Notes Brings Secure E-mail to the Apple iPad

IBM is trying to ride Apple's iPad momentum with a free download that lets Lotus Notes customers receive secure access to e-mail, calendar and other collaboration tools on the touch-screen computer.

Microsoft Stresses Azure Cloud Apps at TechEd

Microsoft has added .NET Framework 4 support to the Windows Azure software development kit, making it easier for developers to build web applications in the cloud.

Kindle vs. iPad

The Kindle and iPad are locked in a one-on-one battle in the growing market for tablet and e-reading devices.


AMD vs. Intel

AMD and Intel haven't been locked in a struggle for computer processor supremacy since the beginning of time; but it sure seems that way.

Facebook vs. Twitter

Social networking is conquering the Web, and the two leaders in this growing market are Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft TechEd: Expect Windows Phone News, Azure Details

Microsoft needs to sustain Windows Phone 7 momentum, reveal more details about its Azure cloud computing services.

Time to Start Eliminating Windows XP, Gartner Says

Businesses should completely get rid of Windows XP by the end of 2012, Gartner says.


How Apple Became More Valuable Than Microsoft

Microsoft spends more, but Apple connects with users, Dow Jones says.

Facebook Traffic Tops, Google Reports

Despite growing privacy concerns, an astonishing 540 million Internet users worldwide visited Facebook in April 2010, according to data from Google.

Microsoft Needs a 'Killer' Windows 7 Tablet to Topple Apple

The pressure is on Microsoft to build a viable Windows 7 tablet, analysts say.


Red Hat Exec: Oracle's Not an Open Source Company

Red Hat disses Oracle, and expounds on its open source strategy.

Microsoft Office 2010 Will Rule, Analysts Say

The revamped office suite simply makes it tougher for Google Docs to make inroads on an entrenched user base.

Consumer Groups Hammer Facebook Privacy Violations in Federal Complaint

Detailed legal complaint against Facebook alleges privacy violations stemming from recent feature changes.