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10 Companies Hot Enough to Get Google's Attention

Google's venture fund has invested in 10 companies in a wide range of fields such as antibody research, "green" utility networks, and cars.

Google, YouTube Received 10,000 Government Requests for User Data

Google and the YouTube received more than 10,000 requests for user data from government agencies in the six months ending Dec. 31, 2009, according to newly released data.

100 iPads Set for Deployment at Californian Hospital

The business case for the iPad may be nowhere as clear as it is in healthcare, a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the world's largest consumers of...

HP: No Plans to Kill off 3Com Products

HP says it has no plans to kill off any existing HP or 3Com networking products, but did not rule out such a move in the future.

Tech Icons Get the South Park Treatment

Facebook is just the latest high-tech South Park skewering; the iPhone, Bill Gates, Star Trek, and the Internet all have been lampooned.

10 Head-Turning Tech Products from DEMO

Internet TV, smartphone apps, cloud services and more on display at DEMO Spring 2010.

Social Network Manager Designed

Startup develops a layer to interact with a variety of social networks, managing contacts, communication, and privacy.

Google to Appeal Italian Convictions of Three Execs

Google did not give a timeline for legal action, but it denounced the conviction adding, "We and our employees will vigorously appeal this decision."

Facebook Outpaces Yahoo to Become No. 2 Site on Web

According to new research, Facebook had 133 million unique visitors in January and beat out Yahoo as the second most popular Web site in the United States.

Be My Valentine: Tech Titans Mix Work and Marriage

The heartwarming tale of 10 tech companies founded by husbands and wives.

Google Eyes Social Net Role for Gmail

Google Tries to Make Gmail More Like Facebook, Twitter

Twitter Phishing Attack Forces Users to Reset Passwords

Describing it as a "precautionary step," Twitter urges some users to come up with hard-to-guess passwords after a phishing attack.