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Tech Mergers and Acquisitions to Grow in 2010

After a glacially slow start to 2009 in the mergers and acquisitions market, tech companies are buying again.

Facebook Halts Beacon, Gives $9.5M to Settle Lawsuit

Facebook shutters program that sparked a lawsuit alleging privacy violations, and funnels $9.5 million into a fund that will support online privacy, safety and security.

Google, Amazon, Microsoft Fluff Up Their Clouds

Price cuts and data center expansions are in the works as three of the cloud industry’s heavy hitters step up the competition.

Squeaker: A Twitter Knockoff for the World's Most Concise Writers

What if Twitter limited all posts to only 14 characters? Even worse, what if every post had to be exactly 14 characters, no more and no less? That's the premise...

More to Say? Forget Twitter — Prattle on (and on) at Woofer

As the opposite of Twitter, new site requires 1,400-character minimum.


Tech Enters Politics: 8 in the Fray

With former HP chief Carly Fiorina likely running for U.S. Senate from California, we ask: what other techies have launched political careers?

5 Wicked-Hot — and 5 Way-Cold — Sports Technologies

Technology is changing the way fans watch and interact with sporting events. In some cases it's changing the sports themselves.

Venture Funding Still Scarce

The venture capital industry hasn’t "hit bottom" yet, says longtime VC.

Microsoft Linux Move Puts Pressure on VMware

Microsoft's historic embrace of Linux technology could have wide-reaching impacts on the virtualization market and Microsoft's rival VMware.

Swiped Twitter Documents Raise Cloud Concerns

A hacker apparently stole and released hundreds of confidential documents pertaining to Twitter's business affairs.

Wozniak's Storage Start-up Bosters Flash

Flash storage start-up Fusion-io says it can make commercial-grade flash memory with enterprise-class reliability.

11 Hot Geek Getaways for the Perfect Summer Vacation

From Star Trek and space camp to baseball minutiae and They Might Be Giants, there's a vacation option for any type of geek this summer.

Small Business Still Don't See the Clouds

SMBs More Interested in Cloud Than Big Businesses? Just a Myth, Forrester Says

Cooling Data Centers: Not Green, Not Needed

68-degree Data Centers Becoming a Thing of the Past, APC Says

Evolution of the PC

Since the personal computer debuted in 1971, a Darwin-esque evolution process has lifted the PC from modest beginnings to its current role as an indispensable part of life in the 21st century.