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Google: 100 Million Android Devices Activated, 4.5 Billion Apps Downloaded

The Android mobile powerhouse is cruising to new heights with 100 million activated devices, 4.5 billion applications downloaded from the Android Market, and 450,000 developers building tools for Android phones and tablets

Red Hat Bashes Microsoft, VMware While Pitching New Cloud Software

Red Hat claimed it is the only choice for openness in the cloud, as the open source vendor unveiled private cloud software and a public cloud service.

Windows Thin PC Nears Final Release

Microsoft offers a stripped-down version of Windows 7 for thin clients.

VMware Causes Second Outage While Recovering From First

VMware accidentally caused a second outage in its Cloud Foundry service after recovering from a previous issue.

Apple Reportedly Drops $4.5 Million on Domain

Rumored domain name sale fuels speculation about the name of Apple's upcoming cloud music service.

In South Park, Apple Knows Where You Are...Just Like in Real Life

Steve Jobs gets the "South Park" treatment.

Microsoft Issues $25 Price Hike for Certification Exams

If you're planning to take any Microsoft certification exams, now is the time to act because Microsoft will raise the price for each exam by $25 beginning July 1.

Cloud Failover a Challenge for Amazon Competitors, Too

Amazon isn't the only cloud computing vendor whose failover systems can't guarantee 100% uptime.

Microsoft Seeks Expansion of Patent Rights on 'World Intellectual Property Day'

Microsoft celebrated "World Intellectual Property Day" Tuesday with a new call for protecting IP rights for touch-screen interfaces and Web-based services.

Google Crushes, Shreds Old Hard Drives to Prevent Data Leakage

A new look into Google's data centers shows extensive security measures and the destruction of old hard drives to prevent leakage of customer data.

Windows 8 Facial Recognition Moves Closer to Reality

Early builds of Windows 8 show facial recognition potentially being used for login.

Windows 7 Expands Lead Over Vista, Still Dwarfed by Windows XP

Windows 7 is selling fast, but Windows XP still commands half the desktop market.

Amazon EC2 Outage Calls 'Availability Zones' Into Question

Amazon protects cloud applications by running them across multiple availability zones, but what happens when more than one zone fails?

On-premises BlackBerry Servers Won't Connect to Office 365 at Launch

The BlackBerry servers enterprises have installed in their data centers won't connect to Exchange Online but a free cloud-based BlackBerry email service will.

Microsoft Discloses Chrome Security Bugs, Turning the Table on Google

Microsoft kicked off its vulnerability disclosure policy for non-Microsoft products with two security reports covering products made by Google.