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Are Unused Software Licenses Costing You Money?

Survey claims businesses are wasting $15 billion maintaining unused software each year.

Microsoft Says It Learned Key Lessons From Windows Phone Update Fiasco

Microsoft did not realize how different smartphones are from PCs until recent software updates broke new Windows Phone 7 devices.

Microsoft's Cash Haul Dwarfed by $500 Billion Partner Revenue

The $66.7 billion in revenue taken in by Steve Ballmer and company is nothing compared to what Microsoft's partners earn.

Novell Patent Sale to Shield Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle From Lawsuits

Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle are continuing to pursue a deal for Novell's patents that will let the four companies split the patents four ways and immunize themselves from any potential lawsuits.

Google Boosts Android Security With Encrypted Tablets, Remote PIN Reset

Google is trying to make Android more appealing to businesses by adding IT administration tools to Google Apps that can encrypt Android tablets or remotely reset PINs.

To Top iPhone Sales, Microsoft Must Aim Low

Microsoft can top iPhone sales, as long as it keeps the price low.

10,000-core Linux Supercomputer Built in Amazon Cloud

Cycle Computing builds 10,000-core supercomputer in the cloud to boost scientific research.

Google's 2011 April Fools Day Gags

Microsoft Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google

Nearly a decade after settling an antitrust case regarding the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows, Microsoft is on the verge of putting the case behind it for good and is pursuing antitrust claims of its own against Google's dominant search engine.

Microsoft to Raise License Price, Add Software Rights

Microsoft is boosting the price of a client license but sweetening the deal by giving buyers access to a new endpoint security product and Lync.

Startup Moves Exchange Mailboxes to Google or Microsoft Cloud

A startup founded by a former Citrix executive is aiming to help customers move Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to either Google Apps or Microsoft's own cloud.

At Microsoft, Don't Forget Your Password or Your Phone Gets Wiped

Microsoft has famously decided to give Windows Phone 7 devices to all of its 89,000 employees, or at least those who want them.

Internet cloud

Microsoft: Next Level of Virtualization Unlocks Server OS, Applications

Microsoft virtualizes apps running on Windows Server ahead of rival VMware.

iPhone, Android, Windows and Linux: Microsoft Manages Them All

Steve Ballmer and crew aren't going to miss a moneymaking opportunity, even if that means managing iPhones, iPads, Androids and, yes, even Linux computers.

Private Cloud Can Prevent End Runs Around IT, Microsoft Says

Microsoft kicks off Microsoft Management Summit with focus on cloud computing and virtualization.