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Groupon Could Break Google's Record With $25 Billion IPO

Groupon is in talks with banks for an initial public offering that places the value of the company as high as $25 billion, Bloomberg and others are reporting.

Cell Phones Are 'Stalin's Dream,' Says Free Software Movement Founder

Free software movement founder Richard Stallman sounds off on smartphones, Microsoft and software freedom.

Bing Searches Rise, Google Loses Share

Microsoft's Bing search engine is on the rise, while Google's still-dominant market share has dropped to about two-thirds of all U.S. searches.

Most Mobile Phone Apps Violate Open Source Rules

Seven out of 10 Android and iOS apps that contain open source "failed to comply with basic open source license requirements," according to a new analysis.

Spam Gives Way to Social Media Hacks

Facebook security takes on more importance as e-mail spam levels drop.

Microsoft Counts Down to IE6's Death

A new website underscores Microsoft's determination to pull the plug on its Internet Explorer 6 browser.

5 New Ways to Build Apps for iPhone, Android and Web Browsers

Five start-ups unveiled services for building mobile applications and Web services this week at DEMO Spring 2011.

Retro Browser War: IE6 vs. Netscape in 2011

What if you took the raw, pre-patched, 10-year-old versions of Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6.1 and tried to surf the modern Web? What would happen?

Ex-Microsoft Exec Becomes CEO at Parallels

Six months after leaving Microsoft to join desktop virtualization vendor Parallels, executive Birger Steen has been promoted to CEO.

Want Google I/O Tickets? Get Your $2000 Ready

After selling out in less than an hour, Google I/O conference tickets are being listed for more than $2,000 on eBay.

Yahoo to Open-Source Cloud-Serving Engine

Yahoo is developing an internal cloud-serving engine to boost its own productivity, and intends to release the code as an open source this year.

Microsoft to WP7 App Developers: Use Our Open Source Licenses

Microsoft has prohibited developers from using GPLv3-licensed open source software in any application distributed on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Mozilla Exec Claims IE9 is 'Not a Modern Browser'

Microsoft says IE9 is "the world's fastest browser." Mozilla claims IE9 doesn't even qualify as modern.

Microsoft Certifications Won't Boost Your Pay Much

Microsoft certifications are dropping in value and provide a smaller pay boost than IT skills related to Cisco, Oracle, EMC, VMware, IBM, SAP, and Red Hat technologies.