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iFixit Tears Apart a Windows Phone, Finds Nexus One Hardware

In the iFixit Teardown, the Windows Phone 7 HTC Surround was found to contain hardware similar to that of the Android-based Nexus One.

Microsoft Bashes Apple at CES While Previewing Next-Gen Windows

Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky said users are inconvenienced because there is no convergence across the across the iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook.

The Complicated New Face of Personal Computing

New platforms such as tablets and smartphones, loads of new virtualization technologies, and the need to access the desktop from any device, anywhere, forever.

Google Pushes Chrome for Businesses With Windows Management Tools

Google is continuing its push for business customers by adding policy features to the Chrome browser

10 Bloodiest Battles Microsoft and Google Fought in 2010

Microsoft and Google battled on a dizzying number of fronts this year.

Google's Chrome OS Doesn't Support Java Yet

Google's prototype Chrome OS laptops do not yet support Java, and support for Flash Player 10.1 is being called a "work in progress."


Analyst: Google Chrome OS is No Windows Killer...Yet

Google's Chrome OS is moving closer to reality, but Windows is still in command of the netbook market.


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Private Cloud Software Available as Free Beta Download

A startup founded by the creator of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud is now offering a free beta download of its software.

Internet cloud

Microsoft Gains Cloud Security Certification 6 Months After Google

Microsoft counters Google's cloud momentum in the government market with FISMA certification.

Internet cloud

IBM Cloud Patching System Highlights Virtualization Research

IBM virtualization research projects target patching in the cloud, power costs and nested virtualization.

Microsoft Remains Silent on Windows Phone 7 Sales

You can tell a lot about how successful a Microsoft product is by the specificity or vagueness of the company's public statements, and Microsoft seems reluctant to call Windows Phone 7 a success.


Thousands of HTML5 Tests Planned by Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium is planning tens of thousands of tests for browser compatibility with HTML5.

Start-up Transforms Unused Desktop Cycles Into Fast Server Clusters

A small vendor on the scene has attracted Fortune 500 customers with grid and cloud management technology that reuses wasted compute cycles.

10 Free Microsoft Products for IT and Home Users

Microsoft is no stranger to offering freebies in a bid to increase customer loyalty.

Microsoft Turns Windows Azure Into Cloud-based Supercomputer

Windows HPC Server customers will soon be able to run high-performance computing workloads on Windows Azure, Microsoft says.