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Red Hat's Reaction to Microsoft's Open-source Spinoff: Welcome! (mostly)

Microsoft's new Open Technologies unit to advance company's interests in the open-source market

OpenStreetMap is a Surprising Threat to Google Maps

The announcement last week that the Wikimedia Foundation will switch from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap for its cartographic needs marks the latest in an increasingly long line of high-profile defections.

Mozart on the Mousepad

If you like the idea of going to an orchestra concert but hate the thought of having to watch flesh-and-blood musicians perform (two words: spit valve), an event called SLEO may have you covered.

Firefox Makes Progress on Metro Version

Designing a Windows 8 Metro interface for the Mozilla browser "extremely important," platform engineer says.

Tricorder Goes Open Source

Alert Dr. McCoy: A designer posts the specs for two models of tricorders, capable of an impressive assortment of sensor arrays.


What's the Best Way to Set Up Private Cloud Storage?

Given that cloud computing is still emerging, it shouldn't come as a surprise that opinions vary widely on the best way to architect the storage.

Chrome Beats Internet Explorer -- Is it a Sign?

The news that Google's Chrome browser had briefly surpassed Internet Explorer, based on data compiled by StatCounter, as the most-used on the web last weekend may have taken some by surprise, but this writing has been on the wall for some time.

Best Techie Business Cards

They might be retro, but they're still useful -- and business cards offer an opportunity to make a memorable impression through a creative approach.

Nearly a Half Million Servers May Power Amazon Cloud

Amazon's EC2 relies on a whopping volume of servers to manage and maintain users' storage, Accenture Research estimates.

First Look at Firefox 11 Browser

No earth-shaking changes, but Mozilla's minor Firefox upgrades could add up.

Survey: 75% of Companies Don't Collect Social Media Info

A recent survey of the IBM SHARE user group found just 25% of respondents were collecting data from social media networks for business purposes, though many more are planning to do so in the near future.

FourSquare Dumps Google Maps for Rival

OpenStreetMap is now supplying the maps underlying the location-based service FourSquare -- except on smartphones.