Jon L. JacobiFreelance Writer, PCWorld

Review: Jammit makes it easy to learn songs by ear or sight

Isolate the vocal or instrument tracks of your favorite tunes as you play them with Jammit, one of the best song learning tools available. The software is free, but amassing a song library can get expensive.

Review: Sony's Acid Music Studio 9 offers no-nonsense interface

Acid Music Studio's bland interface belies a very powerful digital audio workstation with advanced features, VST support, and a steep learning curve. At $65, the chief investment is time, not money.

Storage on the go: We test five fast portable hard drives

Think all portable drives are the same? We discovered some compelling differences—both in features and in performance—when we evaluated this batch.

Review: Intel's Series 335 delivers more SSD for less money

Intel’s faster NAND flash renders the Series 335 a step up from Intel’s earlier solid-state drives, but the aggressive pricing is probably the better news for consumers.

Review: Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 makes program removal easy

If you use its monitoring function to log installations, Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 works well and has many other cleanup functions. To make the best use of it, install it early on a new system.

Review: DiskCryptor a worthwhile encryption program that's easy to use

Encrypt entire drives with DiskCryptor, which runs as a service and is configured via a dialog. It also works in Windows 8 desktop mode.

SportsSynch makes syncing radio and TV broadcasts easy

Synchronize local radio broadcasts with the picture on your TV using this handy audio delay utility.

Review: PCmover Professional eases migration

If you're upgrading to Windows 8 from XP or Vista, PCmover will let you move your applications and data to the new OS as you can from Windows 7. It's faster than manually reinstalling programs and selecting settings, but you sacrifice control.

Review: Multiplicity 2.0 handy in a multi-computer, multi-monitor setup

Control two PCs using one keyboard and mouse with the free version of Multiplicity 2.0 and up to nine PCs with the pay version.

Hybrid hard drives: How they work and why they matter

Meet the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of the storage world: Hybrid hard drives promise to deliver the speed of an SSD plus the capacity of a mechanical drive. We explain how they work, and evaluate their performance.

Review: Canon Pixma MG4220 a capable home-office MFP with pricey ink

For low volumes of printing, the Pixma MG4220 fits nicely into a home office. However, black ink is expensive--absurdly so with the standard-capacity cartridges.

Review: Start8 beta gives Windows 8 a Start Menu

Stardock's Start8 addresses one of the major user complaints about Windows 8: the lack of a Start Menu. It works like a charm.

Akitio Cloud Hybrid Review: Convenient NAS and USB Storage in One

Akitio's affordable box provides competent network-attached storage and direct-attached storage.

Ripbot264: Rip Blu-ray movies without filling your hard drive

Ripbot264 is a front end for free video tools. With it, you can transcode video without a lot of fuss (and without making massive files).


MakeMKV: Rip DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs to your hard drive

Transcode movies, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs to the Matroska video container format with this deceptively powerful utility.