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google now main

Google Now rolls out to desktop versions of Chrome, and it's a two-way system

Google Now cards can appear in your desktop browser, and desktop Google searches will spawn cards on your Android phone.

calorie burn image

Wearable snake oil: The search for automatic calorie-intake tracking in fit-tech wristbands

It's the 'holy grail' of activity-tracking wristbands, but critics say no defensible technology allows activity-tracking wristbands to automatically tell us how many calories are in the food we eat.


Google myth-busts the nonsense that 'Glass is ready for prime time'

Today's Glass Explorer edition will eventually look like a quaint relic of yesteryear, Google shares in a 10-point, myth-busting blog.


layar for glass

Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

You want contextual overlays? Here are your contextual overlays.


fitbit force steps

Ouch: Fitbit Force owner files a class-action lawsuit for skin-rash problems

The wearables company has already issued a full recall of its activity-tracking wristband. And now this.


moto 360 cafe

Moto 360 aims to hit the 'whoah' mark with a bold smartwatch fashion statement

Motorola's Jim Wicks describes the inspiration for the smartwatch's circular display, but dangles very few tidbits of specificity about the new device.


samsung galaxy gear 2 neo mwc jan 2014

How Samsung can still win the looming smartwatch wars in an Android Wear world

Google's smartwatch OS looks breathtaking, but there's still a path for Samsung's Gear devices to capture the public's imagination.


androdi wear 3

Meet Android Wear, Google's bid to bring serious productivity to smartwatches

Two videos show the promise of a 'Google Now' watch—and it looks absolutely spectacular.


How GOQii aims to reinvent wearable fit-tech with an army of personal wellness advisors

Is that an instant message? No, it's your life coach giving you a "remote high-five" for exceeding your step-count goals.


laster seethru 4

Hands on with Laster SeeThru, a direct augmented-reality challenge to Google Glass

Packed with sensors and offering a generous field-of-view, SeeThru has a lot going for it. But will its information overlays ultimately prove useful or distracting?


basis carbon steel activity tracker

Why Intel would want to snap up Basis fit-tech wearable company for $100+ million

PCs are losing relevance, and Intel is struggling for a foothold in phones. So why not go straight to wearables, and get in on the ground floor of The Next Big Thing?

android police nexus watch 1

Photo leak: The Google smartwatch that will probably never be

Android Police releases images of an ostensibly Motorola-designed Google smartwatch prototype.


greenbot wave dark

Welcome to Greenbot, a new website that answers all your Android questions

Helping Android enthusiasts of all experience levels, from newbies to long-time users.


larry smartwatch 1

I just wrote the press release for LG's Google Now watch. Now they just need to make it

Hey, Google: Keep it simple, make it cheap, and go with the strengths that got you here in the first place.