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Jonathan is a native of Silicon Valley and an Internet resident of ten years. He considers himself well-rounded in many nerdy subjects, including anime, manga, video games, the Internet, technology, martial arts, and airsoft guns.

This Internet Life

This Internet Life: Amy's Baking Co. is a social media sensation

We learned this week that you can manage your business's online reputation without going completely overboard.

This Internet Life

This Internet Life: Charles Ramsey's hit song and The Onion gets hacked

The Internet this week turned Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey into an auto-tuned joke, while The Onion reacted to its Twitter hacking in typical Onion fashion.

This Internet Life

This Internet Life: Staying on topic is vastly overrated

Nothing derails a thread quite like a bad meme, a random nude picture, or one guy calling another out for a duel of words and internet-ego. No matter what the original thread was about, one errant post can send it all crashing to the edge of oblivion (if the mods are doing their job).

This Internet Life: Bad Twilight spoofs and Facebook 'activism'

A hoodie you'll have longer than your car, the Internet writes yet another Twilight spoof, and Facebook slacktivism at its finest.

This Internet Life: EA drops its CEO and Reddit loves safes

EA drops its CEO, Reddit goes gaga over a safe, and a new trend in animated GIFs.