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Jonathan has been covering the tech industry since 1998. He loves watching TV shows on his iPhone while exercising, and has already indoctrinated his young twins in the ways of the Apple TV.

Lostify 0.7

Videos bought from the iTunes Store come nicely tagged with all the relevant information that iTunes, an iPod or iPhone, Front...

Apple's App Update Mechanism Needs an Update

One of the best parts of the 2.0 software update for the iPhones and iPod touch is its support for third-party software via...

Review: Texas Hold’em for IPhone

I must admit that when Apple released its Texas Hold'em poker game for the iPod back in 2006, I spent many hours, iPod in...

Activating Your IPhone 3G: What You Need to Know

No, it’s not a lot of fun standing in line for three-and-a-half hours to buy and activate an iPhone 3G. But I’m not here to...


Activating Your IPhone 3G: What You Need to Know

Analysis: Activation advice from an early adopter.


Activating Your iPhone 3G: What You Need to Know

Should you go to an Apple Store or AT&T outlet? Can you pay cash? We answer those and other iPhone questions.

Crossword Puzzles Come to the iPhone

I'm a crossword puzzle fanatic. I even dropped my New York Times subscription recently in favor of's annual puzzle...