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Roku introduces Roku 3, revamps user interface

As its move in the never-ending game to control the set-top box market, Roku has introduced a replacement for its high-end box, and unveiled a new user interface for its family of streaming products.

on drops all-you-can-listen-to book plan changed its pricing from $25 a month for unlimited audiobook listening to plans in line with rival


iHome focuses on Lightning, Bluetooth, and fitness

iHome added lots of products to its already overflowing list of audio options at CES, with new Lightning docks, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones.


Sennheiser bets on black for its latest headphones

Audio vendor Sennheiser released a black version of its almost-new Momentum headphones, and introduced its high-end IE 800 canalphones for the discerning audiophile.


Ultra-D says yes to 3D, no to silly glasses (video)

Stream TV Networks aims to deliver 3D content to autostereoscopic displays, and convert 2D to 3D.


Lemmy Kilmister, the Motörhead band frontman

Lemmy introduces Motorheadphones line (video)

Lemmy Kilmister, the Motörhead band frontman was on hand at CES 2013 to introduce the new Motorheadphones line.


B&O Play unleashes new speakers and TVs you probably can't afford

B&O Play's BeoVision 11 HDTV and BeoLlab 15/16 and Amplifier 1 speaker set are really cool, and really pricey.


Lukup Player adds color and content to your HDTV

The Lukup Player promises to put (nearly) anything you want to watch or listen to within reach of one HDMI port.


Philips launches trio of soundbars

At CES, Philips introduced three new soundbars, including one model with detachable rear speakers.


Lantos making custom earphones easier and safer to create

The idea behind Lantos Technologies’ 3D Ear Scanning System is offering a safe, quick, accurate, and cost-effective alternative to traditional silicone ear impressions for custom earphones.


Panasonic's new smart TVs include enhanced wide view technology, photo editing

Panasonic's new HDTV lineup will offer photo editing and other features you may not expect to see in a TV.


House of Marley stays green goes Blue(tooth)

The company is expanding its lineup in 2013 with new headphones, Bluetooth portable speakers, and high-end home audio gear.


Pure takes on Sonos with Jongo multiroom audio (video)

Pure hopes to knock Sonos from its perch with its Jongo family of streaming audio devices.


More on the iPad and AT&T's Mobile Share plans

Looking to add your AT&T iPad to a Mobile Share data plan? It's (still) not as easy as it should be.

TechHive: DirecTV and Viacom Dispute Leaves Customers High and Dry

Are you a DirecTV subscriber who is missing channels that you used to get? Here's what's happening.