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Jonathan has been covering the tech industry since 1998. He loves watching TV shows on his iPhone while exercising, and has already indoctrinated his young twins in the ways of the Apple TV.

Last Minute Gifts for Entertainment Lovers

Whoops. It seems that you've forgotten to buy a holiday gift for your second favorite nephew. Time is running out. What do you do? What DO you do?

Apple Posts Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.7

On Wednesday, Apple released Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.7, designed to extend RAW image compatibility for Aperture 2, iPhoto '08 and iPhoto '09.


Five Misconceptions About ITunes and IPods

There's a lot of misinformation floating around about the iTunes/iPod/iPhone ecosystem. Here's a truthful look at a few of the more popular notions out there...

D-Link and Boxee Unveil Boxee Box

On Monday D-Link and Boxee announced the Boxee Box, a set-top device for enjoying local and streaming video content, at an event in Brooklyn that also demoed a...

Hands-on With HandBrake 0.9.4

Getting a movie from a DVD into iTunes isn't nearly as simple as ripping music from a CD. Thanks to the copy protection on commercial DVDs (and the Digital...

IPhoto 8.1.1 Fixes Faces Bug

On Wednesday, Apple released a minor update to its iPhoto '09 ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) digital photography software. The iPhoto 8.1.1. update deals...

Free (and Some Not Free) Live Music

I love live music. Well, music in general, but there’s something about the anything-can-happen vibe and the interaction with the audience of concerts that’s hard...

Cloud Engines Updates Pogoplug Media Sharing Device

The Pogoplug is designed to plug into your home or small office network and let you access and share content of USB hard drives over the Internet.

Apple Fixes Problem With LED Cinema Display ISight Camera

On Wednesday, Apple released LED Cinema Display iSight Firmware Update 1.0, a fix for an issue with the built-in iSight camera on the LED Cinema Display (...

BlueBeat Says Beatles Songs Are Its Own Creations

Recently I wrote about BlueBeat, a Website that was not only selling MP3 downloads of The Beatles (something the Fab Four doesn't yet allow, although you will be...

BlueBeat Sells Beatles MP3s, Permission Be Damned

Perhaps you're heard the expression "shoot first, ask questions later?" That pretty well sums up the philisophy of Santa Cruz, Calif.-based BlueBeat.

ILuv Releases IMM183 Dual Dock and Weather Alert Alarm Clock

Accessory maker iLuv has released the iMM183, a dual-dock alarm clock with built-in weather warning notification.

ITunes 9.0.2 Update Adds Apple TV 3.0 Support

On Thursday Apple updated its iTunes ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ) music and video jukebox software to support the new Apple TV 3.0 software.


Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0 Software

A month and a half after dropping the 40GB Apple TV model and dropping the price on the remaining, 160GB, version to $229, Apple has now dropped a new software...

13-inch MacBook/2.26GHz (Late 2009)

In just three and a half years, the MacBook, targeted at average computer users, students, and PC switchers, has become Apple's best-selling Mac model. In its...