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Hello, and thanks for dropping in. I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Jonny Evans. I'm a freelancer who has been writing (mainly about Apple) since 1999. These days I write my daily Apple Holic blog at, where I try to deliver sometimes interesting, sometimes provocative insights into what Cupertino is doing. I try to write something worth reading.

CES 2011: Why Apple Will Steal the Show

Apple will open the Mac App Store on January 6. This means even as we look to CES for the latest innovations in the wider industry, the computer world will be looking to Apple to see its future.


Top 12 iPhone Apps for Drivers

As the season turns to taking long drives to visit family and friends: here are some top picks iPhone apps for drivers.


Great iOS Apps for Drivers

Not that you should be looking at your phone while driving...

iPad 2.0: Skinny with Dual Cameras

As we look toward the next iPad, the Reynolds Journalism Institute reveals who's using tablets now.


Why Apple's Enemies Will Feel More Pain

Competitors don't believe Apple will be able to hang onto this mobile crown. Here is why they are wrong


Apple, Here's How You Can Save MobileMe

Other than investing in faster servers, improving outage reporting systems, ensuring better performance and waving a wand to make iWeb uploads easier, here's what Apple must do.

iPad 2.0: Apple Plans Valentine's Day Massacre?

Despite the looming threat from its competitors, Apple will continue to deliver the most advanced tablet devices at competitive prices, and will sell them in their millions.


Apple Vs. Google and the Talent Drought

Big names are looking for skilled developers

Do You Trust the App Store With the Future of Print?

Do you trust Apple with the future of publishing? Here are some reasons to be wary.

Become a Mac OS X Power User the Easy Way

Here are a few ways to make finding shortcuts, special keyboard combinations you can exercise to make things happen, an easier task.


Will Apple Kill the Optical Drive?

Apple has big plans for 2011--do those involve using Light Peak to make the optical drive obsolete?

5 Features for iPad 2

Analysis: Chinese industry paper reports the new iPad will have five previously unseen features.


2011: The Year of the Mac

With its growing slice of the education market and the truckloads of products it'll sell this holiday season, next year is shaping up to be very good for Apple.

Opinion: Apple's iOS 4.2 is OS X's Prophet

Apple's iOS 4.2 drops some hints as to how OS X Lion may turn out.

iPad 2.0: What We Think We Know

Reports are slipping out about the components Apple is ordering, so we can craft a composite picture of what's next.