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Hello, and thanks for dropping in. I'm pleased to meet you. My name is Jonny Evans. I'm a freelancer who has been writing (mainly about Apple) since 1999. These days I write my daily Apple Holic blog at, where I try to deliver sometimes interesting, sometimes provocative insights into what Cupertino is doing. I try to write something worth reading.

Does iWallet iPhone Mean Apple vs. PayPal?

It looks like Google is preparing to to join the iWallet battlefield, but will PayPal endure this new war?


Apple: The iOS that Stole Christmas

All the consumer reports agree the iPad is set to dominate wish lists this year, a year in which one-in-three Android users would ditch their handset for an iPhone.


Microsoft Admits iPad Is Killing Netbook Market

Microsoft now admits the iPad is killing the netbook market.


Opinion: Apple Plays the Console Game

Apple is taking over the games market.

iPad Carves 95% of Tablet Market, Leaves Competition in Dust

Apple grabbed a whopping share of the global tablet market in the third quarter, even as the company plots its path to iPad 2.0.


Six Alternative iPhone Alarm Clock Apps

A bug in the iPhone's OS causes the time to change--for DST--but user's alarms go off an hour late. Here are six alternatives to the native iPhone alarm app.

Apple's Hot Sales Take it to Top 5 Handset Makers

Analysis: With iPhone sales up 90%, RIM's BlackBerry has a challenge.


iPhone Power: Why Apple Wins the Smartphone War

Android may have a growing share of the market but the speed of its advance is no more than smoke and mirrors.


What We Know About Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'

What we know so far about Apple's latest Mac OS X.


Apple is the Biggest U.S. PC Maker. Really?

Apple shipped 1.9 million PCs in the U.S. in the last quarter, compared to HP's 4.5 million and Dell's 4.3 million. Now add a conservative estimate of 4.5 million iPads and that puts it in the lead by a mile.

Report: iPhone 4 breaks 82 percent more than iPhone 3GS

The numbers create quite a headline, but on closer inspection they are actually just a new myth for Apple-haters to grab on to.


Why the Mac Still Matters to Apple

Apple is now selling nearly as many Macs in some quarters as it once sold in an entire year, partially because of Mac OS X, partly because of the company's focus on user experience, partly because of the success of the iPod and the impact of the iPhone and iPod touch.

Why Apple TV Will Eat Google TV's Lunch

Forget about Google TV. Apple's got five secret weapons that will help it pull the plug on Google TV.


Five Wishes for the iPhone 5

Greater speech recognition, better security, and Facetime for 3G and 4G are a few features Apple should put on the next iPhone.

AT&T Chief Isn't Worried About Losing iPhone Exclusivity

Apple is reportedly on track to deliver the iPhone to other U.S. carriers early next year, but AT&T isn't worried about losing up to 1.5 million users because it has its subscribers signed to long-term deals.