San Francisco Targets Flash Mobs After Expensive Mess

After a six-hour Internet-organized pillow fight attracted more than people to San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza, city officials are considering a crackdown.

Kindle for IPhone App Makes Apple's IPhone an E-book Contender

It's not as good as Amazon's Kindle reader, but the application is a nice companion to the Kindle device.


Palm Pre: Press Loves It, but What About Customers?

Palm's new handset has been introduced to the world, and it's getting plenty of attention. But what does the average user think?

YouTube Rules Web Videos

Viewership scores show YouTube drew nearly 100 million viewers in a month, but Hulu's holding its own.


Would You Pay to Lose Online Ads?

Analysis: An AdAge study found that few consumers are willing to pay to have advertising removed from their favorite sites.

Southwest Uses Twitter to Warn Flyers of Bad Weather

A number of companies have adopted Twitter as a way to keep in touch with their customers. Now you can add Southwest Airlines to that list.

Apple Sold a Third of U.S. Smartphones

The iPhone continues to siphon sales from Nokia, a new analysts' report reveals.

Lich King Crowned with New Sales Record

Blizzard is smashing sales records with the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Launches Artist Pages

Amazon launched 100,000 new "artist stores," which offer detailed information on bands and more opportunities to buy.


World of Warcraft Sets Records

The multiplayer game leads in number of paid subscribers as well as longevity.

Facebook IM Spam Surges

Like every other popular internet service under the sun, lots of spammers try to spam Facebook.