Streamlined Windows Server 8 Offers Key Benefits

Microsoft is changing Windows Server 8 to be more like Linux servers, and the improvements should benefit cloud service providers and businesses alike.

Microsoft Windows

Three Ways Windows 8 Will Fit Your Screen

Because Windows 8 will run on desktops, laptops, and tablets, it will support a wide variety of displays. Here's how Microsoft is tailoring the OS to fit them all.

Three Ways Web Browsing Changes With IE10 in Windows 8

The IE10 app shows off what can be done with Windows 8’s Metro style, and is built to improve full-screen browsing on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Three Reasons the iPad Will Lead the Tablet Pack for Business

Businesses prefer the iPad, and their interest is growing. Here's why Apple will remain tops in the tablet market, including in the workplace.

The New iPad: Your Ultimate Remote Desktop?

Remote desktop apps let you access your office PC from afar, and the new iPad's features will make it the most remote-desktop-capable tablet yet.

Windows 8: Training Required

Windows 8 includes a more drastic graphical interface change than previous versions of Windows. Here are the top questions new users are likely to ask--and how to answer them.

Five Windows 8 Features Businesses Should Watch

As consumers get a preview of an early version of Windows 8, here are key features that should turn the head of any business manager.

Travel With a Smartphone? 3 Things to Check Before You Buy

When buying a smartphone for business travel, focus on these three areas so you can keep connected wherever you roam.

Five Reasons to Host Your Own Email

Though the trend is towards saving money by outsourcing email, there are good reasons to keep your businesses email on your own private server.

Microsoft Windows

Three Ways Windows 8 Improves Language Support

Windows 8 will be built to make it easier to set up and switch languages on PCs and tablets.

Three Cool Ways You'll Benefit from SkyDrive in Windows 8

SkyDrive provides plenty of free space, but has been difficult to access. Integration with Windows 8 will make SkyDrive a more desirable way to store and access files in the cloud.

OS X Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8: Apple and Microsoft Mobilize

In a world increasingly dominated by mobile devices, Apple and Microsoft are changing their desktop operating systems to include mobile-inspired features.

Five Ways Apple Should Make iCloud Business-Ready

Apple is integrating iCloud more tightly into iOS and OSX, but the features appeal to individuals. But with these key changes, iCloud would appeal to businesses.

Three Ways Windows 8 Will Boost Accessibility

Microsoft aims to optimize Windows 8 to help people with disabilities more easily use touch-enabled devices.

Five Ways Windows 8 Will Make Apps More Power-Friendly

Windows 8 will change the way apps work, reduce power-draining background tasks, and more.