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Five Important Ways Windows 8 Will Embrace Mobile Broadband

As Windows 8 will extend from desktops to mobile devices, Microsoft aims for the OS to use mobile broadband as easily as it accesses Wi-Fi.

Cyfe Bundles Small-Business Web Services in One Dashboard

Keeping track of Web-related data can be a time sink. Cyfe simplifies this by displaying data from dozens of services, including Google Analytics and Facebook.

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OnLive Desktop Brings Windows 7 and Microsoft Office to the iPad

OnLive Desktop offers remote access to a cloud-based full Windows 7 desktop, including Microsoft Office applications and cloud storage, all from an iPad.

LG, Verizon, and VMware Demo Virtual Work Phone

VMWare's tool would let you create a virtual machine on a smartphone, separating personal and professional data.

Three Benefits of Windows 8 Storage Spaces

Windows 8 will include a Storage Spaces feature that provides RAID-protected storage along with space you can expand simply by plugging in USB disks.

Lenovo Readies ThinkPad Edge Hybrids, Business Ultrabook

Product rollouts for CES are beginning as Lenovo introduces a business ultrabook within its ThinkPad Edge series.

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