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Salvage that busted Nintendo console with Raspberry Pi and some Lego bricks

It's one thing to have an Nintendo emulator running on your computer, and it's another thing entirely when you rip the innards out of a broken NES, replace it with a Raspberry Pi and convert the original box into a fully functional emulator.

This wooden record lets you listen to Radiohead the low-tech way

Artist Amanda Ghassaei managed to take a digital copy of a song and laser etch it into a slab of maple, thereby creating a wooden record. By etching Radiohead's "Idioteque", and the Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning" into the wood using Python, a PDF, and a lot of math, Ghassaei may have unintentionally created sustainable music.

This Lego M&Ms sorting machine would get Van Halen's seal of approval

If you're the kind of person who likes order in your every day life, you may want to take a moment and consider building an M&M sorting machine out of Lego.

PentaEye gives your iPhone camera more lenses, won't fit in your pocket

While is off trying to make the ultimate iPhone-camera case, you can jump to the head of your class with the new TurtleJacket PentaEye case that just hit the market

Take Pong off the screen and into 1D space with this nifty project

Pong, one of the world's earliest arcade games, is now available in 1D, and it fits nicely on that coffee table in your gaming cave.

Build your very own zombie early detection system with this Arduino-based project

Well, you could get eaten by zombies, or you could build a zombie detection system. The choice is yours...

Microsoft brings SkyDrive to Android with its new app

Use SkyDrive? Own an Android phone? Microsoft has something for you.