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Robotic Espresso Machine Takes Your Order via Text Message

No time to make coffee? Not in the mood to wait in line at Starbucks or Peets? The Textspesso may be the answer...

Coffee Table Is a Giant NES Controller, Doesn't Make Beating Megaman Any Easier

One geeky furniture builder achieves a new high score with this awesome table that resembles a giant wooden Nintendo controller. Oh, and it totally works!

Chess Set Transforms Into Mecha for the Ultimate Checkmate

Chess not your thing? This 3D-printable chess set that turns into mech characters might change your mind.

Hacked Kinect Allows Singer to Really Shine

In this unique art project, a hacked Kinect helps translate singing into light patterns.

This Kit Will Turn Your BMX Into a Turntable

Bored with performing traditional BMX tricks on your bike? Impress your friends with Turntable Rider.

Musically Inclined Jelly Probably Sings Better Than You Do

This Arduino-powered gelatinous goo plays music when you touch it. Awesome!

I've Got Two Turn Tables and a Felt Pen. Wait, What?

Take two turn tables and some odds and ends, and you can make a pretty nifty drawing contraption.

Fus Roh Dah! This Kinect Setup Puts You In Skyrim

Using virtual reality, you can get even more immersed in the Elder Scrolls universe.