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Mind-Controlled Skateboard Runs on a Windows 8 Tablet

What do you get when you combine a neuro-headset, a Windows 8 tablet, and a skateboard? This.

Your Body Heat Could Someday Charge Your Phone

Researchers at Wake Forest University find a way to turn body heat into electricity.

DrawBraille Concept Is a Smartphone for the Blind

One designer dreamed up an idea for a smartphone built with the visually impaired in mind.

Indie Kinect Game Turns Your Doodles Into Weapons of War

Soldiers are advancing, and the only way to stop them is to by doodling on a whiteboard.

zAPPed Makes Your iOS Gadgets Part of the Board Game

Hasbro plans to release new editions of three of its classic games this year. The spin? The zAPPed games will use iOS devices to help bring them to life.

It's Not Spray Paint, It's a Cellular Antenna!

One day, even the trees could be sending and receiving wireless signals with this new tech.

Lego-Like Bricks Go Green, Are Still Painful to Step On

"Mom, why do my Lego blocks taste like coffee?" OK, they're not really Lego bricks, but Eco Bricks put a green spin on everybody's favorite building toy.

This Cube Tells You What Tomorrow's Weather Feels Like

The weather network of the future may be here, and it demonstrates the temperature through touch.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! Nope, It's Actually Remote-Controlled Flying People

Vicariously live out your superhero fantasies with these human-shaped foam model aircraft. Um...

Robot Moves Like a Snake, But Won't Make You Squeamish

Georgia Tech researchers take a cue from nature and design a robot that mimics the movement of a snake.

These USB, Wi-Fi Hotspot Cufflinks Will Make You Feel Like James Bond

Need a USB flash drive or Wi-Fi access while out on the town? These cufflinks from Brookstone might be for you.