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Gaze Lets You Control Windows 8 Just by Looking

Move over Tom Cruise; Tobii's Gaze Interface is about to replace your Minority Report.

Paint a Masterpiece With This Hacked 1937 Typewriter

This modified typewriter gets a new lease on life and types out paint daubs instead of words.

Annoy Your Cat With This Arduino-Based RC Car Controlled With an iPad

This iPad-controlled remote-controlled car provides fun for hours--but perhaps not for your kitty.

Gumball Pinball Machine Needs No Further Explanation

This pinball machine combines pinball, gumball, and baseball. Want.

US Navy Declares War on Trash

The US Navy is working on a technology that effectively incenerates trash into nothing--it's a weapon of trash destruction, so to speak.

Build Your Own Tesla Turbine out of Hard Drive Platters

Vrooom goes the 15000 RPM Tesla Turbine made out of Hard Drive platters!

Talking Plush Birds Let You Insult Others From Afar

It's not every day you can have your plush toys deliver insults for you.

Gecko-Like Robot Can Climb Your Walls

Researchers at Simon Fraser University create stuff of nightmares (in the best possible way) with this gecko-like robot.

This iPod Nano Watch Gives the iWatch Bluetooth Power

An iPod Nano watchband on Kickstarter would waterproof your player and give you Bluetooth.


Bacteria Could Soon Power Your Fancy New Computer

Could E.coli hold the keys to living computers? It sounds weird, but it might someday be possible, thanks to some new research.