Researchers Figure Out How to Defeat the Indestructible Cookie

Persistent data tracking has a new tool, and thankfully new methods have arisen to overcome it. iPhone owners aren't so fortunate, though.

Dutch Law Enforcement Takes Down the 'Bredolab' Botnet

Collaboration between several Dutch law enforcement groups took down over 100 servers controlling the Bredolab botnet.

Increased Focus on ZeuS Malware Clears the Way for Other Threats

When one specific malware threat attracts the attention of the FBI and security industry leaders, it can pave the way for alternative threats to take hold.

New Droid Pro Security Features Lead the Way

Motorola’s Droid Pro, targeting the business user and enterprise market, is the first mobile device to ship with a Cisco IPsec VPN solution.

Another SMS Trojan Appears on Android Phones

Android users may be becoming a viable target for mobile malware: Kaspersky Labs has found a new SMS trojan affecting Google's platform.