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JR is a syndicated writer who regularly appears in PCWorld, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and places that serve custard. He's the author of the Android Power blog and the co-founder of eSarcasm.

Google Music and Movies: Your Questions Answered

Google's new music- and movie-streaming services--we have the answers to your burning questions.

LastPass CEO Explains Possible Hack

The company's CEO talks exclusively with PCWorld about a possible breach into its password storage service, what went down, and how worried its millions of users should be.

Amazon Tablet In 2011? Now We're Talking

New evidence suggests Amazon could launch its own tablet within the year -- and that could mean a whole new kind of competition for the evolving tablet market.

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Motorola Droid 3: Coming Soon?

The phone that helped turn Android into a household name may soon have a sleek new sibling.

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Android Outranks Apple in Desirability--and That's Huge

Android has now surpassed Apple's iPhone in terms of consumer desirability, according to a new study--and believe you me, that is some seriously huge news.

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Apple's iOS Beats Android? Not Exactly

A new analysis claims Apple's iOS is smashing Android in terms of mobile market share. The story, however, isn't quite what it seems.

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Netflix Kinect: Control Movies With Your Hands

If you've always wanted to watch movies by waving your hands around like a madman, today is your lucky day.

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HTC's Sensation 4G vs. Samsung's Galaxy S II

How does HTC's new Sensation 4G stack up next to Samsung's Galaxy S II? Here's a side-by-side comparison.

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Google Music: Coming Soon, Kinda-Sorta-Maybe

Hot on the heels of the launch of Amazon's Cloud Drive, new signs of Google's music-streaming service are showing up around the Web. But will they actually amount to anything?

Google +1 = Social Overload

Google's new +1 program adds a social layer into search -- but do we really need it, or is this more about what's good for Google?

Amazon Cloud Drive: It's All About Android Domination, Baby

Analysis: Amazon's new Cloud Drive music-streaming service has the potential to seriously shake up the Android landscape.

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10 Cool New Apps for Android Honeycomb Tablets

These 10 fresh apps show off the power and versatility of the Android Honeycomb tablet platform.

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Amazon's Android App Store: Steve Jobs Just Doesn't Get It

Amazon may be days away from launching its Android app store -- and despite what a certain turtlenecked CEO may say, that's fantastic news for the Android platform.

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DoubleTwist Public Beta

Manage media on your Android phone with this free beta.

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Specialty Android Apps for Business Users

An Android smartphone can do a lot more than play games and surf the Web. InfoWorld presents the apps that serious Fandroids should know about.