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JR Raphael is a writer as well as a mammal. His stories are syndicated in dozens of publications and frequently clicked on by cats pawing haphazardly at their owners’ phones.

With a reputation as both "a leading voice in the mobile space" and "a guy who makes up quotes about his reputation," JR spends much of his time these days covering Android and other parts of the Google universe. He launched the Android Power blog in 2010 to serve as an unfiltered home for his various mobile musings. The blog has since grown to include a diverse mix of analysis, hands-on impressions, and consumer advice (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, is alarmingly high in unsaturated fat).

Android Power aside, JR is a contributing editor at Computerworld, where he reviews phones, tablets, and other devices; a regular contributor to InfoWorld, where he writes long-form feature stories; and a contributor to several other publications. The Washington Post, NBCNews.com, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek are just a few of the places where his byline has appeared.

JR is a frequent guest on the TWiT Network’s All About Android show as well as Mobile Nations’ Android Central Podcast. He has appeared on ABC World News and been cited in such places as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and USA Today. He was even quoted in Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of Steve Jobs (yes, really!).

Despite his refusal to comb his hair, JR’s work has been honored with numerous awards, including two Emmys, three Murrows, and a smattering of top distinctions from the Associated Press. He has also been honored by the American Moustache Institute, though he’s been advised to keep that one quiet.

In his spare time, JR enjoys blinking, drawing polka dots, and imagining a world with no hypothetical situations.

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