Nintendo Wii U sales disappoint, prognosis mixed

Lackluster sales numbers for its newest game console could be cause for concern for Nintendo.

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Spotify reportedly launching free streaming music service overseas

A report in Bloomberg says that Spotify will expand its streaming music service to mobile devices in 20 countries where it currently provides its desktop service. The move would give Spotify an edge over rival Pandora.

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New version of Internet Explorer brings Flash to Windows 8, RT

Microsoft had spurned Flash when developing its new operating systems, but Redmond apparently had a change of heart about the Adobe plug-in.

Authors want a rewrite on Amazon's domain name grab

Both the Authors Guild and retailer Barnes & Noble claim that giving Amazon control over generic domain names like .book and .read would give the online company too much market power.

Crackdown on SMS spammers could boost use of SIM mules

Recent FTC litigation against SMS junk mailers may force scammers to change tactics, a security firm suggests.

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Samsung, Google, Microsoft play politics

Being adept at the lobbying game can be just as effective in gaining ground on tech rivals as making better products or pressing patent lawsuits.

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Facebook expected to roll out redesign Thursday

Facebook is slated to hold a press briefing Thursday, where the social networks' news feed is likely to get an overhaul.

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Gesture controls added to Microsoft Kinect's repertoire

Hand gestures that allow you to pinch-to-zoom objects on your screen and even duplicate mouse functions have been added to the developers' kit for the Kinect.

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Evernote pushes security awareness-raising software updates after hack attack

Evernote has released software updates designed to streamline the password-changing process in the wake of a security breach.

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Surface tablets, big screen TVs will be good buys in March

New models are making room for price cuts on recent introductions, including Ivy Bridge laptops, tablets, HD TVs and PS3s, which may pique attention of bargain hunters.

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Dropbox may suffer a spam hangover from its data breach

Some Dropbox users are complaining about unusual volumes of spam directed at them and that they've linking to a data breach more than a year ago at the cloud storage service.

Hollywood cracking down on copyright infringement in apps

Hollywood is starting to hunt down mobile apps that contain infringing content and asking that they be removed from app stores.

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China claims its military and defense sites were hacked by U.S. attackers

Amidst accusations that a secretive unit in the Chinese Army is behind a series of high-profile intrusions at U.S. institutions, China claims that its defense servers are attacked by U.S.-based hackers thousands of times per month.


High-tech innovators and investors call for Congressional action on patent trolls

More than 60 thought leaders, including Mark Cuban, have signed an Electronic Frontier Foundation letter asking the House Judiciary Committee to investigate patent trolling.

Individual tabs gain nifty new features in pre-release Chrome and Firefox builds

Both Firefox and Chrome are adding new functionality to tabs in their respective bids to build the best web browser.