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Surface tablets, big screen TVs will be good buys in March

New models are making room for price cuts on recent introductions, including Ivy Bridge laptops, tablets, HD TVs and PS3s, which may pique attention of bargain hunters.

Dropbox may suffer a spam hangover from its data breach

Some Dropbox users are complaining about unusual volumes of spam directed at them and that they've linking to a data breach more than a year ago at the cloud storage service.

Hollywood cracking down on copyright infringement in apps

Hollywood is starting to hunt down mobile apps that contain infringing content and asking that they be removed from app stores.

China claims its military and defense sites were hacked by U.S. attackers

Amidst accusations that a secretive unit in the Chinese Army is behind a series of high-profile intrusions at U.S. institutions, China claims that its defense servers are attacked by U.S.-based hackers thousands of times per month.


High-tech innovators and investors call for Congressional action on patent trolls

More than 60 thought leaders, including Mark Cuban, have signed an Electronic Frontier Foundation letter asking the House Judiciary Committee to investigate patent trolling.

Individual tabs gain nifty new features in pre-release Chrome and Firefox builds

Both Firefox and Chrome are adding new functionality to tabs in their respective bids to build the best web browser.

Game over? Nintendo calls for U.S. crackdown on countries with rampant game piracy

Nintendo wants four countries added to the U.S. Trade Representative's copyright watch list for rampant gaming piracy.

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Firefox gets access to mobile services through WebRTC

Mozilla, Ericsson, AT&T will show the web technology's video, voice calling, and file-sharing chops at the Mobile World Congress this week.

Microsoft's Tough Friday: Software giant battles hackers, malware, and a cloud outage

Software giant Microsoft saw its Azure cloud service crash, its Mac systems hacked, and a malware intrusion.

Ubuntu Touch OS released to Nexus phone, tablet developers

Linux offering gives mobile experimenters a taste of what's to come.


OneID unveils free Chrome add-on for filling out forms

QuickFill lets you squirrel your personal information in OneID's cloud for free and use it to speed through the checkout process

Republic Wireless lowers ante for its cheap unlimited voice, text, data service

Wireless carrier cuts the price for its new entry-level phone.

After Monday Twitter hack, Burger King reigns again

The fast-food chain is tweeting once more, after regaining access to its Twitter account. Burger King fell victim to a hack attack over the weekend -- the latest black eye for Twitter security.


Rogue Chrome extension racks up Facebook 'likes' for online bandits

Security researchers at Bitdefender have discovered a new phishing scam that installs a malicious extension in the Chrome web browser in order to turn Facebook 'likes' into cash for cyber crooks.

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Wikivoyage emerges from legal cloud as the travel site grows

The Wikimedia Foundation has settled its lawsuit with Internet Brands over the travel website.