Swedish wind farm to to power Google data center in Finland

Google expands initiative to power its data centers with renewable energy.

Yahoo Mail redesign becomes permanent, privacy issues surface

The new Yahoo privacy agreement allows the company to scan your email for information to create targeted advertisements.


In fog of browser wars, the victor varies with the metrics

NetMarketShare says Microsoft's IE is top dog, while StatCounter crowns Chrome the king in the competitive browser market.


Brace for an Internet traffic explosion in 2017, Cisco says

Cisco's Visual Networking Index predicts global IP traffic will rise at a dramatic compound annual growth rate 23 percent between 2012 to 2017.

Cybersecurity calls for government-private sector infosharing, report says

NSS Labs says much still needs to be done to enable near real-time situational awareness across the nation's critical infrastructure and to fully leverage U.S. government cyber intelligence capabilities.


Malware Week: Ransomware surges, blackhole spreads

Several longstanding malware scams resurfaced recently, and Amazon and Ruby on Rails were targeted by Internet reprobates. Here's what to watch out for.

Cybercriminals go back to the USSR

The top-level domain name for the former Soviet Union becomes a magnet for denizens of online underworld.

Google pressures industry to make software flaws public faster

Search giant puts heat on software industry to clean up its mistakes quickly--some within seven days.

Facebook pledges more action to combat hate speech

Following a call to action by several feminist groups, Facebook pledged this week to do a better controlling gender-based hate on the social network.


In-app payments coming for Chrome Packaged Apps

Chrome is about to support in-app payments for Chrome Packaged Apps thanks to the newly embeddable Chrome Wallet app. The process is currently only open to developers.

Commission suggests hacking and hijacking the computers of suspected IP pirates

If you can't beat 'em, infect 'em with malware and lock down their computer.

Intel Atom will reportedly power Samsung tablet

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will reportedly run on an Intel Atom processor, which would be a big win in the mobile space for the chipmaker.


Malware roundup: Tiffany's, Tibetans, iOs are targeted

Upscale retailer and activists attracted pushers of malicious software this week, and an uncommon iOS pest surfaced as well.

Homeland Security warns of 3D printer gun dangers

A bulletin from the U.S. agency to law enforcement agencies says that weapons created from computer files pose a public safety risk.

corning gorilla glass

Corning says Gorilla Glass trumps sapphire screens, but the truth is more nuanced

Corning claims Gorilla Glass is a better, more durable display material than sapphire—but is it true?