Mozilla, Samsung collaborating on the browser of the future

Experimental engine for next Web coming to Android, ARM processors

Google's privacy policy draws fire from Europe

Six European countries want the search giant to change its unified privacy policy. But that could have an impact on the services Google is able to offer because of all the data it collects from customers.

All out of Pi: $25 Raspberry Pi sells out in U.S.

Allied Electronics, which distributes the single-board computer in the United States, posted a notice on its website saying that it's exhausted its limited supply and won't take backorders at this time.


Google's unified messaging app Babble: The downside

Google is apparently experimenting with ways to unify its disparate communication services, but will a single solution give Google too much power?

Dell Logo

Dell's SEC report describes challenges for PC makers

Dell's proposal to take the company private cites stumbling Windows 8 and slow Windows 7 upgrades among the reasons for slow sales and tough times.

Google, Mozilla want to turbocharge 3D games in your browser

New high-performance JavaScript is touted by Mozilla and garners Google support.

Surging PC game sales won't wither when new consoles appear, expert says

Sales of PC games his $20 billion in 2012 and aren't expected to let up anytime soon.

Privacy taking a backseat? Adware on Android on the rise

A study by Bitdefender says that adware aimed at devices running Android increased 61 percent over a five month period ending in January. And user privacy is taking a hit because of that, the security researcher contends.

Surface Pro usage inches up, lags other Windows devices

Microsoft's premium tablet, the Surface Pro, showed some usage gains during the month, but it's still deep in one ad agency's rankings compared to other Windows 8 devices and its RT slate sibling.

Windows 8 Store cracks 50K app mark, but now what?

After a sluggish 2013 start, Microsoft's Window 8 App Store appears to be attracting new titles again, hitting the 50,000 app milestone and recruiting developers for the next wave.


California senator pushes electronic privacy protection

Congress has let the Electronic Communications Privacy Act languish for decades, so a California state senator is urging the states to enact their own protections.

New report details cyberwar rules, puts hackers in crosshairs

The damages caused by a virtual attack would need to be as serious as those in a real world, or kinetic, attack.

Torrent site IsoHunt loses copyright-infringement lawsuit appeal

MPAA hails court ruling on the copyright-infringement case that involved the file-sharing site.

Big monitor demand grows as overall display market shrinks

Market research firm IDC expects display shipments to contract by 6 percent in 2013, though people who do buy monitors will go for larger screens.

Microsoft revives 'smoked' campaign to tout Windows Phone speed

The "smoked" campaign -- in which Microsoft shows off how quickly its phones can perform common tasks -- is back, and this time, Samsung's Galaxy S III is the target.