Julia KingExecutive Editor, Computerworld

Julia King, executive editor/events and national correspondent at Computerworld, is an award-winning business and technology journalist with more than 20 years experience covering a wide range of topics, from IT executive leadership and technology workforce management to cloud and grid computing, business analytics and IT return on investment. Ms. King was the founding executive editor of the award-winning ComputerworldROI magazine and spearheaded Computerworld's coverage of information economics.

IT's Winning (and Losing) Job Titles

There are still some Cobol systems--and programmers--on their last legs in the deep recesses of nearly any large IT organization.

Talent Wars: Are Your IT Staffers Being Poached?

Dan Herrington says his first inkling of a brewing IT talent war came early this spring, when he noticed that "college kids weren't accepting our offers on the spot.