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Julie is also author of Building an Extranet (Wiley, 1997).

Microsoft: 5 Smart and 5 Dumb Moves the Company Made in 2011

Love it or hate it, Microsoft is a company that brings out strong emotions in just about every IT professional. With 2011 over, it's time for our picks.

Companies 'Save' $2.9 Billion With Pirated Software: Study

Using illegally copied software may help users in developing countries save massive amounts of money, and Microsoft has something to say about it.

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Will IT Certs Get You Jobs and Raises? Survey Says Yes

IT certifications can mean a pay boost, but some appear to be more valuable than others.

7 Software Makers to Bring Integrated, Cheaper Add-ons to Google Apps

Seven ISVs have formed a consortium to integrate their Google Apps add-on products and offer discounted bundles, outside of Google's control.

Microsoft Posts a Fix for Duqu Zero-Day Trojan

A Security Advisory message describes how to manually patch a system to thwart the latest malware threat.

Microsoft's Bing Mobile App Ships for IPhone, Android--Not Windows Phone

Microsoft rolls out a new mobile app for Bing built with HTML5 and available first only to iPhone and Android users. Is Microsoft switching away from its homegrown platforms?

Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps for Business

Cloud-based office services compete on features, security, support fronts.

Microsoft Posts Record Quarter But Says Tablets Cannibalizing Netbooks

Despite weak consumer demand for PCs, Microsoft posted a record first quarter revenue of $17.37 billion for the period that ended Sept. 30.

Microsoft Strong-arms Hardware Makers Into Social Responsibility

After years of failing to get Microsoft to adopt a formal environmental sustainability policy, shareholders seem to have won.

Microsoft Strong-Arms Hardware Makers into Social Responsibility

Microsoft appeases shareholder activists by pressuring suppliers to be ethical and green, but environmental watchdogs question the tactic's effectiveness.

Microsoft Lowers Flags to Half-Staff in Tribute to Steve Jobs

Microsoft said to offer a two-day tribute to its respected rival, the founder of Apple.

Microsoft Inks Licensing Deals With Two More Android Makers

Microsoft announced Thursday that Acer and ViewSonic have each agreed to license undisclosed intellectual property from Microsoft to cover each vendor's Android phones and tablets.

Linux Foundation Chief: 'You Are an Idiot' If You Don't Give Back to Open Source

Linux is the granddaddy of all open source projects, the blueprint for the decentralized development processes. And some of those who use the Linux code, free...

Linux Foundation Releases Specification to Ease Licensing Headaches

The Linux Foundation and FOSSBazzaar on Wednesday released a new specification to ease the pain of license compliance for open source software.

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