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Macworld U.K. editor since 2008, Karen has worked on both sides of the Apple divide, clocking up a number of years at Apple's PR agency prior to joining Macworld U.K. Career highlights include launching the iPod and OS X while on the PR side, and honing news hound instincts while observing the astronomical rise of Apple following the Intel switch and the launch of the iPhone.

Ex-WSJ Editor Defends Apple's Ebook Strategy

The former publisher of the Wall Street Journal has defended Apple's Ebook Strategy saying it is not only good for Apple, but good for consumers and publishers as well.

Mac Fans Watch for Ivy-Bridge Powered Systems

Intel hints that its new chips won't power MacBook Pros, but that might mean the next-gen CPUs will appear first in refreshed iMacs.

Intel's Ivy Bridge Launch Hints of Refreshed MacBook Pro

Apple is suspected to be the first manufacturer to launch an Ivy Bridge-equipped laptop, before new ultrabooks adopt the chip in May.

Mac Trojan Infections Exceed Half Million, Expert Says

Most of the computers harboring the Flashback botnet are in the United States and Canada, pretending to be a Mac software update or a Java updater.

Tax Rebate Gives Apple $7.4 Million to Build New Campus

A tax rebate that would give Apple $7.4 million to build a new campus in Austin, Texas, has been agreed upon following a public hearing, despite some opposition to Apple receiving any tax breaks.

Alleged Leaked Images of Apple's iOS 6.0 Show Google Maps Replaced

Could Apple be about to ditch Google Maps in the next iOS update? A supposedly leaked image of a map claimed to be from iOS 6 has appeared.

EU Law Forces Apple Two-Year Warranty

Apple has extended its European warranties to include repair of products up to two years after purchase.

Watchdog to Examine Apple's 'Misleading' IPad Ads

Apple describes the new iPad as being 4G capable, even though in many countries it isn't. The ASA is now looking into whether Apple's claim is misleading.

Next for Siri: Language Translation?

Apple's applicaiton with the US Patent and Trademark Office hints the company plans to expand Siri from voice recognition to on-the-fly translation.