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Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers enterprise software in all its forms, with an emphasis on cloud computing, big data, analytics and artificial intelligence.

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Schools put on high alert for JBoss ransomware exploit

More than 2,000 machines at schools and other organizations contain a backdoor in unpatched versions of Red Hat's JBoss enterprise application server software and are ready to be infected by ransomware.

mit bug finder ruby on rails

MIT's new bug finder uncovers flaws in Web apps in 64 seconds

Finding bugs in Web applications is an ongoing challenge, but a new tool from MIT exploits some of the idiosyncrasies in the Ruby on Rails programming framework to quickly uncover new ones.

quantum moves game scienceathome

Why AI still needs us: To build quantum computers

We humans may still be licking our wounds following AI's victory at the ancient game of Go, but it turns out we still have something to be proud of.

ultrathin thread IoT antenna

Internet of pants? This ultrathin thread could make your clothes part of the IoT

Your clothes could one day monitor your fitness levels or boost your smartphone reception thanks to a new technique that uses ultrathin electronic thread to embroider circuits into fabric.

spare5 client ui

This big-data startup combines AI with human savvy to help make sense of your data

Spare5 on Wednesday released a new platform that applies a combination of human insight and machine learning to help companies make sense of unstructured data.

your face is big data photography

'Your face is big data:' The title of this photographer's experiment says it all

Got privacy? You may think you do, but a recent experiment by a Russian photographer suggests otherwise.

IBM Watson Web San Francisco

IBM puts Watson to work on cancer with new patient-advisor tool

IBM on Tuesday announced a new weapon in the battle against cancer that will put Watson to work in a new way.

emiew3 hitachi

'May I help you, human?': This robot wants to help you shop

SoftBank's Pepper robot may still be the better-known contender, but a new humanoid device from Hitachi aims to be the in-store sales rep of the future.

Data center servers

Support for SQL Server 2005 ends Tuesday - are you ready?

There will be no more updates from Microsoft, so staying with the software could open you up to a host of risks.

mit quantum qubits diamond

Diamonds may be quantum computing's new best friend

MIT researchers have announced a new approach that uses diamonds to solve a tricky problem with quantum computers.

x.ai dennis mortensen robot AI

That moment when you realize you're exchanging emails with a robot

Next time you try to schedule a meeting with someone and an assistant named Amy or Andrew Ingram sets up the logistics, here's a pro tip: You may be chatting with a robot.

Next Rembrandt AI 3D printing

AI just 3D printed a brand-new Rembrandt, and it's shockingly good

There's already plenty of angst out there about the prospect of jobs lost to AI, but this week, artists got a fresh reason to be concerned.

mark pickett sears citizen data scientist

The rise of the citizen data scientist

Empowering businesspeople to perform their own analyses can free up highly trained data scientists to focus on the things that require their expertise.

mit csail printable hydraulics 3D printing

With this new 3D printing technique, robots can 'practically walk right out of the printer'

Imagine you could use a standard 3D printer to create your next robotic assistant. Just snap in a motor and battery, and it's ready to go. That's precisely the scenario made possible by a new 3D printing technique developed at MIT.

hyundai ai car

Your next Hyundai may be a 'high-performing computer on wheels'

Hyundai is working on a new connected car that will tap big data and analytics for proactive service and constant connection.