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Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers enterprise software in all its forms, with an emphasis on Linux and open source software.


Firefox 16 arrives with a raft of critical fixes

Android users, meanwhile, get a new, Safari-like 'Reader Mode.'

Good news for job hunters in Android, Linux, and open source

Related skills and expertise are being sought 'like never before,' Dice reports.

Three Linux distros get key updates, plus one fades away

Even as Fuduntu, Slackware, and Ubuntu march ahead, Brazilian Dreamlinux officially closes its doors.

Chrome 23 beta pumps up video support

A new API, for instance, enables video playback that can adapt to changing computer and network conditions.

Linux certificate program launches in North America

Following a successful pilot test in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, this new program aims to help newcomers get started with open source software.


Firefox: back in the No. 2 seat once again

Meanwhile, a security researcher sounds the alarm about Internet Explorer's vulnerability to zero-day attacks.

Four key new features in Linux 3.6

Included in this new kernel version are a Windows-like 'hybrid sleep' capability along with a feature that can speed up page loads by as much as 41 percent.

Now two years old, LibreOffice is going strong

With cloud and tablet versions in the works, LibreOffice has become the third largest free software project focused on a desktop app.

Canonical adds a 'kill switch' for Ubuntu's Amazon search

A new toggle feature will let users turn off online searches across the board, including those on Amazon.

'Cotton Candy' Linux PC-on-a-stick ships at last

Priced at $199, this USB-sized device is now available in an early version aimed at developers.


Need to tune up your browser? Firefox Health Report can help

This new tool will collect a raft of data to help users optimize performance while directing future development at Mozilla.

Now in Ubuntu Linux 12.10: Amazon search results

Widespread user outcry ensues, but Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth calls concerns 'FUD.'

Ubuntu Linux changes its plans for Windows 8 Secure Boot

The popular distribution will use the GRUB 2 bootloader after all, Canonical says.

NexPhone concept: an Ubuntu-based, Android 'brain in your pocket'

This dockable device be used at home, at the office, and on the road without the need to synchronize content or contacts.

10 award-winning open source apps to try today

Among 125 honorees in this year's InfoWorld “Bossie” awards are numerous gems for business use.