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Katherine Noyes has been an ardent geek ever since she first conquered Pyramid of Doom on an ancient TRS-80. Today she covers enterprise software in all its forms, with an emphasis on Linux and open source software.

Women in IT: 'The System Is Broken,' Author Warns

Professional engineer, entrepreneur, and author Karen Purcell discusses the challenges facing women in science and technology.

Fedora Linux Moves Forward with UEFI Secure Boot Plans

Two alternative routes make up Fedora's approach to getting around Windows 8's upcoming restrictions.

Too Busy for that Software Update? Survey Says: Join the Club

Most consumers need to see an update prompt between two and five times before downloading and installing the software, according to this new report.

Looking for a New Linux Distro? 31 More Are Coming Next Month

A new project aims to launch a brand-new Linux distribution every day in August.

Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Will Integrate Web Apps into the Desktop

With its new Ubuntu Web Apps feature, Canonical says it aims to 'set the Web free of the browser.'

Dell's New Ubuntu Linux Laptop Is Coming This Fall

Following an overwhelming response to its developer-oriented beta program, the company will move the project 'from pilot to product' in a few months, it says.

Download Firefox 14.0.1 for Extra Browsing Security

This latest major release of Mozilla's popular browser adds several new features to keep users safe on the Web.

Linux Developers Step Up to the Secure Boot Challenge

Based on Intel's Tianocore, a new virtual platform could give Linux distributions a better way to experiment with possible solutions.

Cure Sick Windows PCs with This New Linux 'Fix-on-a-Stick'

Armed with a Windows app and a custom version of Linux, these USB devices are designed to restore infected or bloated Windows PCs back to health.

Dell's Ubuntu Laptop Program Enters Beta, 'Blows Away' Expectations

Response to the company's developer-focused 'Project Sputnik' has been overwhelming, it says.

Two More Tiny Linux PCs Each Cost Less Than $100

The Linux-powered revolution continues with these flexible, low-cost devices.

Remember MeeGo? It's Coming Back This Year in Two New Phones

Led by numerous ex-Nokia officials, Finnish startup Jolla aims to create its own mobile hardware and MeeGo-based OS.

Mozilla Puts the Brakes on Thunderbird

Security updates will continue, but new innovation will depend on community involvement, the foundation says.

Like Open Source? For Collaboration, Try Group-Office 4.0

Available in a free, open community version as well as a paid one with support, this newly upgraded software offers a fresh groupware alternative.

LibreOffice for Android Is in the Works

Though still 'fairly horrific' for tablet devices, the software is coming along nicely, a developer reports.