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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

The Clock Is Ticking: Give IPv6 a Test Drive

The Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses. Prepare now for World IPv6 Day, the biggest test yet for the Internet routing technology that we’ll all one day use.

No IT Budget? Workers Bring Their Own Tech

There’s an increasingly popular trend of workers buying and using their own equipment for work tasks, bypassing conservative IT departments.

How Useful Are Tablets For Business?

The tablet age is upon us whether we want it or not, but what do business users actually use tablets for?

Motorola Atrix Hints at a Virtualized, Cloud Future

Motorola's Atrix is perhaps one of the best phones to come out of CES this year, but it hides an even more impressive feature: Windows virtualization.

Text Message of 'Death' Threatens Phone Security

Security researchers have shown that many popular phones can be knocked offline by carefully crafted text messages, which could lead to a new type of denial-of-service attack.

Search Ruling Makes Smartphone Security More Crucial

The California Supreme Court says cell phone data can be searched without a warrant, providing a powerful reminder to businesses to take data security seriously. Here are first steps.

VIA Goes Dual-Core With the Nano X2 Chip

VIA brings its first dual-core chip to the market. Although it's easily outflanked by Intel and AMD offerings, business users may find much to admire in the Nano X2.

Overclock Your Smartphone, If You Dare

Overclocking a cell phone promises noticeable performance boosts, but it also carries risks that could write-off your pricey investment.

Is Your IT Job Safe in the Cloud?

Surveys about cloud usage consistently list security as the main issue, but it could be job security that’s holding back cloud adoption.

Hotmail Data Loss Reveals Cloud Trust Issues

As the new year got underway, Hotmail lost the inboxes of an unknown number of users, leaving them fuming. Cloud providers must do better.

Virtualization: The Executive Summary

What's virtualization, and more importantly, what can it do for you? Here's a quick technology primer for the busy manager.

Cloud Computing: The Executive Summary

If you find techobabble confusing, here's what 'cloud computing' means to you.

Top 5 Things the iPhone Has Given the World

Did the iPhone really change the world? Maybe not, but it ushered in lots of new technologies that have changed the face of technology for the better.

Five Great Free Business Apps for Google Chrome

The Google Chrome Web Store is less than a month old, but it’s already looking very healthy. We pick out five of the best productivity apps.

Oracle Updates Free VirtualBox Hypervisor

Oracle makes its first major release of VirtualBox and brings with it a new extension pack structure that should allow third-party expansion.