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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

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Microsoft Cloud Data Breach Heralds Things to Come

There was an accidental data leak in one of Microsoft's cloud services, but we can expect more in the future as we come to grips with working online.

Top 10 Google Apps Marketplace Add-Ons

Here are the most-popular applications recently downloaded from the Google Apps Marketplace, where third-party developers offer tools to supplement the Google Apps suite.

What if Google's Hack Attack Warnings Grab Your Site?

Google search results will spell out if it determines a Website has been hacked, but what can you do if it mistakenly red-flags your legitimate site?

Amazon EC2 Ramps Up Cloud Offerings With Oracle Apps

Amazon EC2 now offers PeopleSoft and JD Edwards applications, putting the software within reach of smaller businesses and offering serious competition for

Dropbox Makes Cloud Syncing Faster and More Selective

The Dropbox cloud sync service reaches version one and brings boosts to mobile workers using netbooks and tablets.

You Can Never Have Enough Memory, Says Virtualization Report

Forget about CPU power; memory is the biggest hold-up for those implementing virtual machines.

Wikileaks Attacks Prove the Cloud Is Reliable

Wikileaks hackers tried but failed to knock Amazon offline in retaliation for dropping the Wikileak hosting. Ironically, this only proves the reliability of Amazon Web Services.

Government Warnings Could Kill the Cloud

The New Zealand government has warned about storing data in the cloud. Local laws potentially could become yet another cloud stumbling block.

Is Jailbreaking a Device Becoming Acceptable?

Once upon a time, jailbreaking a smartphone or tablet was frowned upon, but it's becoming increasingly permissible.

Solid State Drives No Better Than Others, Survey Says

The results of a French hardware failure survey turn up some surprising results, including that solid state disks fail as much as traditional hard disks.

Could the Wikileaks Scandal Lead to New Virtual Currency?

The Wikileaks fiasco is shaking the foundations of the Internet and might be boosting the popularity of a virtual currency system that’s impossible to police.

Apple's Switch to Sandy Bridge: Impact for Gamers?

The rumors are that Apple will switch to Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips for its next generation of MacBook portables, but this could upset its moves towards establishing the Mac as a gaming platform

Prepare For an Explosion in Mobile Cloud Apps

Amazon’s release of developer kits for the Android and iPhone platforms will lead to an explosion of cloud-enabled mobile phone and tablet apps.

Printing From the Cloud Edges Closer to Reality

Google Cloud Print is set to make printing from the cloud a piece of cake but be prepared potentially to sacrifice a little privacy for the privilege.

Why Nokia Is in Deep Trouble With MeeGo

Nokia has trickled out yet more details about its MeeGo mobile phone OS, but when it arrives it’s almost certainly going to be too little, too late.