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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

Citigroup Hack Nabs Data from 210k Customers

Citigroup has become the latest high-profile company to get hacked, with 210k customer details being compromised.

Les Paul Google Doodle Lets You Strum Guitar, Record, Playback

Thursday's Google Doodle celebrates Les Paul with an interactive guitar that lets you play, record, and share your ditties.

Google Releases Chrome 12, Adds Security and 3D

Chrome's Safe Browsing behind-the-scenes protection has been extended to warn users against downloading dangerous files.

Wondering if Sony Pictures Hack Affects You? Here's a Way to Check

Gizmodo has put up a web form where users can check to see if their personal details were stolen during the Sony Pictures LulzSec hack attack

Nokia Not Ready for a Tablet -- Yet

It's no surprise Nokia may one day launch a tablet device, but is it too late to the game, and what kind of device can we expect when it arrives?

Can Anyone Run an App Store Correctly?

Microsoft removes hundreds of duplicate apps from its Windows Phone 7 app store and Google fights malware in its apps Marketplace. Can anybody get an app store right?

Google Clearing Up More Android Malware

Another round of malware-packed apps on the Android Market is raising questions about Google's approach to security.

Windows 8 and the ARM Revolution: The Pros and Cons

ARM chips will soon run Windows 8 devices. There will be pros and cons such as longer battery live coupled with poor gaming performance.

Eric Schmidt: Want Security? Get a Mac

Google’s Executive Chairman says a Mac plus Google Chrome browser and Google two-factor authentication offers the best computing security.

Lockheed Martin Bets Big on Quantum Computing

Lockheed Martin Corporation has made history by purchasing the first commercial quantum computer: the D-Wave One

iOS 5 for iPhones and iPads Said to Offer Widgets, Better Notifications

Rumors are flying about the next release of the iPhone and iPad operating system as Apple prepares for its Worldwide Developers Conference next month.

Technology Helps Pope Extend Reach into Space

Pope Benedict XVI has become the first pontiff to communicate directly with astronauts in orbit.


Analyst: Foxconn Explosion Could Lead to iPad Shortages

The horrific explosion at a manufacturing plant in China that killed two people could reduce the already tight supply of iPads

Firefox Brings 'Do Not Track' to Mobile Browsing

The latest beta of Firefox for Android brings Do Not Track to the browser, bringing cutting-edge privacy to mobile devices for the first time

Android Continues to Win at Blackberry's Expense

RIM's Blackberry smartphone platform is in a terminal nosedive, leaving Google Android to suck-up disaffected users.