Virtualization Boosts LG Android Phones

LG has beaten the crowd to become the first to offer a phone that can switch between two virtualized identities. But who will it appeal to?

Can a Flashy 3D Interface Save the BlackBerry?

Research in Motion’s acquisition of a 3D user interface company could turn around the company’s fortunes, but how helpful would that innovation be?

Pirate DNS Could Hatch a Lawless Darknet

The Pirate Bay wants a new DNS system that will be impossible to censor, but also impossible to police. Would it be worthwhile?

Amazon's Wikileaks Rejection Raises Cloud Trust Concerns

Amazon Web Services' removal of Wikileaks content raises fundamental questions for businesses about what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to cloud computing.

What the IP Address Meltdown Means For You

Recent developments have indicated the end of days for IPv4 has come. This will soon be a critical concern for end users, so it's time to prepare your business.

Clone Phones Lack Customer Loyalty: An 80s Flashback

A survey has suggested that cell phone owners have little brand loyalty. It's unsurprising, given that so many phones are clones of other handsets.

E-book Piracy Is Here. So What?

E-Book piracy has arrived, but it’s a limited threat to those who write and publish electronic books, thanks to the way e-book readers are designed.

Mobile Internet Is Already Dominant, Survey Says

Opera's State of the Mobile Web survey shows that the rest of the world is ahead of the United States when it comes to mobile Internet use.

The Top 6 YouTube Sins (and How to Fix Them)

If you promote your business via video then it’s likely you’ll be making the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some YouTube fixes.

5 Websites That Used to Rule the Internet

Oh, how are the mighty fallen. These 5 giants once dominated the ancient Interwebs. While some survive in a weakened state, others are only kept alive by legend.

Top 5 Free Google Apps Add-ons For Work

If you use Google Apps for work, you’re missing out if you haven’t explored the Apps Marketplace. Here are five of the best free tools.

Intel Is Dead on the Desktop, Says ARM Co-Founder

The founder of chipmaker ARM declares that the desktop computing era is over and the mobile revolution is coming.

Google Takes Office to the Cloud, But Security Concerns Remain

Google has launched a plugin for Microsoft Office that saves documents to the cloud, but security issues remain unaddressed.

'The Daily' App Should Be a Lifestyle Product

If Rupert Murdoch hopes to launch a successful iPad-only newspaper, then he should learn more from the "Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report" than from the Wall Street Journal.

ARM Gets Serious With 64-Bit Chip

If ARM releases a 64-bit chip as rumored, the company soon could be taken more seriously in the corporate world and potentially lead to cooler data centers.