Top 10 Amazon Kindle Irritations

Amazon's popular ebook reader is a terrific tool, but it's not perfect. Here's what drives one devoted reader batty about the device.

Add a Desktop Dictionary to Ubuntu

This simple little hack turns the Googlizer applet into a handy desktop dictionary.

Chrome OS Could Offend the Open Source Community

I'm reasonably sure that Chrome OS will offend the open source community. There may even be a major reaction against it.

Google Chrome OS An Open Source Challenge to Windows

As has been predicted for some time, Google has announced a new operating system project that will put open source in the spotlight.

Moblin: a First Look at Intel's Open-Source OS

Moblin is an Intel-created open-source operating system for netbooks and people who use them.

How To Run Windows Apps In Linux

Wine is a free, open-source way to run Windows apps on Linux

DIY Netbook Linux

There are a variety of netbook distros out there, but you can have a little fun creating your own. Here's how.

How Open Source Can Beat the Status Quo

Open source is the fulcrum upon which can be rested the lever that will move the world, but it isn't the lever itself.

Add a Dropdown Terminal Window to Gnome With Tilda

Get more quicker access to your command line interface with this handy drop-down tool.

The Future Is BIOS and Browsers

When the browser becomes the operating system, the network really will become the computer.

Ubuntu One Service Stirs Up Open-Source Controversy

A new storage and sync service for Ubuntu has the open source community up in arms.

Switching My Dad to Linux--Part Two

Keir Thomas continues the saga of his father's switch to Ubuntu.

Switching My Dad to Linux--Part One

Keir Thomas has talked his dad into ditching Windows Vista and giving Ubuntu a try.

Trademarks: The Hidden Menace

From an open-source perspective, trademarking should be considered as damaging to open source as copyright or patenting.

Top 7 Reasons People Quit Linux

Linux isn't for everyone, and people abandon it for many reasons. Some of those reasons are more reasonable than others.