Has Ubuntu Reached the End of the Line?

Ubuntu 9.04 is so polished and refined that it may finally have caught up with Mac OS X and Windows. Where do we go from here?

Why I Use Linux

There are lots of good reasons to love Linux, and the fact that it's free just one small reason.

10 Expert Ubuntu Tricks

Try these simple shortcuts to work smart and faster in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Netbooks and Linux: A Complicated Story

It's gonna take more than a few pithy platitudes to get at the truth about Linux's Netbook market share.

My Fantasy Operating System

Forget for a moment the outcries of Windows, Mac, and Linux fanboys. Keir Thomas imagines the ultimate operating system, from the kernel up.

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Linux Needs Critics

Defenders of Linux and open source should welcome constructive criticism of their beloved platforms.

Musing on Ubuntu Dreams: The World's First Poetic Computer Book

Using iambic pentameter and rhyme, the new book is a concise guide to day-to-day Ubuntu use that rivals Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and The Fresh Prince.

Ubuntu 9.04 Beta: Quick Look

The one and only scheduled beta of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope has just arrived. Here's a peek at how it's shaping up.

Why Firefox Has Jumped the Shark

In this follow-up post, blogger Keir Thomas defends his views on Google Chrome and the fate of Firefox.

Giving Linux That 'XP' Factor

Still holding out on the Vista upgrade? Now's a good time to give Ubuntu Linux a try.

Firefox May Already Be Dead

With Google Chrome poised to become the new, hot open-source browser, the increasingly bloated Firefox could be in trouble.

Why Is the Ubuntu-based Dell Mini 9 Unfinished?

Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 comes with a customized version of Ubuntu, but it's a far cry from what a Linux netbook could be.

Jaunty Jackalope: Where's the Beef?

Ubuntu's upcoming 9.04 release offers few new end-user features. Is Ubuntu losing the end-user focus that made it a smash-hit distro?

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